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12 November 2009 

Today from VOA:

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Intellectual Property Piracy

     A case study on how product counterfeiting has hurt an American exporter of manufactured goods and the difficulties in stopping the abuse of Intellectual Property Rights. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says product piracy causes hundreds of thousands of workers to lose their jobs and also hurts consumers around the world who buy the poor quality fakes.     

Product Piracy Cases Difficult to Prosecute  Video clip available
Chinese businessman jumps bail, flees Britain in U.S. extradition case
Yuan Hongwei, Chinese businessman
Chinese Businessman Fights US Extradition  Video clip available
Company owner accused of counterfeiting U.S. products, now in a British jail
Some counterfit products have spelling mistakes.
Chinese Product Counterfeiting Causes US Job Layoffs  Video clip available
American export company loses sales to Chinese counterfeiting and identity theft
Piracy, image of company misrepresenting ABRO at a trade show
American Firm Fights Back Against Chinese Product Counterfeiter  Video clip available
Exporter's struggle casebook example of difficulties in stopping product piracy
IP piracy, ABRO packaging
US Fights Product Piracy  Video clip available
US government works to protect intellectual property rights but product piracy continues
On the street, peedlers sell goods marked with an illegal olympic trademark
Chinese Authorities Crack Down on Product Piracy  Video clip available
Chinese officials say the problem stems from widespread view that copying intellectual property is not stealing