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12 November 2009 

Today from VOA:

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Training for Iraq
Soldiers fire at simulated insurgent targets
US Army Immerses Troops in Battlefield Experiences  Audio Clip Available
As troops prepare to go to Iraq, U.S. Army uses 'Theater Immersion' to try and give them experiences that mirror, as closely as possible, what they will face
Sgt. Nicholson searches 'Ahmed
US Troops Learn about Iraqi Culture Ahead of Deployment  Audio Clip Available
Training includes not only weapons, tactics, command and control procedures, and other military topics, but also lessons about operating in an environment very different from United States
Soldiers learn how to deal with IED attacks
US Army Trains Troops to Survive Roadside Bomb Attacks  Audio Clip Available
The deadliest weapon used by insurgents in Iraq is what the US military calls the Improvised Explosive Device (IED)
US Soldiers at Camp Shelby learn how they might better handle crowd control in Iraq
"Iraqi Riot" Helps Train US Troops  Audio Clip Available
In the woods along the dirt roads of a huge training base, the army has built fake Iraqi villages and bases for US troops
mock sniper
US National Guard Training Provides Soldiers  with the Skills They Need to Survive  Video clip available
Training for combat-duty troops is as lifelike as possible to simulate life-and-death environments in which they will fight
mock confrontation between Iraqi's and US soldier
US Army Utilizes Training in Cultural and Communication Skills  Video clip available
In addition to field training, the US Army is training soldiers to learn how to interact with Iraqi civilians