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12 November 2009 

Today from VOA:

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A Day in the Life: Vignettes of Africa


Slideshows highlighting the everyday lives of average people in nations across western Africa



Devoted to Melody - A West African Pilgrimage ( 21 September 2009)

A group of Muslim singers travels on its yearly pilgrimage in Senegal. The Melodians, as they are known, are a choir of Mouride Muslims who are hoping to modernize their sound in order to reach a wider audience. Every year they take a bus to the town of Darou to demonstrate their devotion to the religious leader. One singer, Demba, shares his thoughts on this cultural and religious experience.

(Photos and Production by Ricci Shryock)

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 Past Slideshows
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The Artistic Barber
19 June 2009 - Ricci Shryock
Papis Ndaw cuts hair for professional soccer players from Senegal as well as the neighborhood boys. Above all, Ndaw considers himself an artist, as he creates unique haircut designs for each client.

Senegal band
Senegal Band
29 July 2008 - Ricci Shryock

Senegal-based band, Jac et le Takeifa, prepare for their album-release concert. As a family band in West Africa, leader Jac Keita wants to use music not just as entertainment, but also to address development issues in the region.

Women on motor bikes in Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Motorbikes
20 May 2008 - Ricci Shryock
In Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, motorbikes outnumber cars two to one. Women in this West African capital see their mopeds as a form of independence.

Handicapped in Senegal
06 May 2008 - Ricci Shryock
Dakar’s landscape presents many obstacles for the physically handicapped, says Ibrahima Faye. In his daily life, work, family and basketball provide outlets to help him cope with the struggles.

Displaced child in Somalia 

Internally Displaced People in Somalia    
9 April 2008  - Alisha Ryu
A day in the life of Somalians who have taken refuge at a camp in Afgooye, and the effort to bring them food aid.

Liberian troops

Liberian Recruits Train as Post-War Army
8 April 2008 - Nico Colombant
U.S. trainers are preparing Liberian troops for army life
after war.

Indian peacekeepers pick up their weapons 

Indian Peacekeepers in Liberia
2 April 2008  - Nico Clolombant
Indian women peacekeepers in Liberia are inspiring women in that country to become part of security reconstruction.

Senegalese wrestler Allou Sarr

Traditional Fighter in Senegal
24 March 2008  - Nico Colomant
Allou  Sarr, 27, dreams of becoming a champion in the biggest sport of the Sahel, traditional wrestling.

Liberia typing school

Typing School in Liberia   
19 March 2008 
A small street-side typing school in Monrovia uses ancient typewriters to offer many opportunities for education and business.

Tailor in Senegal

A Tailor in Dakar, Senegal
13 March 2008 - Ricci Shryock & Nico Colombant
A look at the life of a Senegalese tailor, and the shop in which he makes clothing.

Tuareg children in northern Niger

Tuareg in Niger
29 February 2008 - Phuong Tran 
A look at the Tuareg people in the Saharan region of Niger and issues facing the region, where rebels have been fighting for over a year.

Guinea fisherman

Fishermen in Guinea
06 February 2008 - Nico Colombant
Guinea's traditional fishermen struggle daily to make a living. Small boats compete with larger foreign boats and fishermen with more modern equipment.