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Tehran Not to Show Green Light to Americans out of Humiliation

TEHRAN (FNA)- Substitute Friday prayers leader of Tehran Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati says Tehran would not show green light to the US out of humiliation. ( 16:03:20 - 2009/11/13)

Iran's Top General Raps Russia Over S-300
TEHRAN (FNA)- A top Iranian commander has criticized Russia for its procrastination over delivery to Iran of the sophisticated anti-aircraft system known as S-300. ( 15:58:01 - 2009/11/13)

President: Human Perfection Impossible Without Divine, Monotheistic Belief
TEHRAN (FNA)- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Friday that mankind will not attain perfection unless through divine and monotheistic ideology. ( 15:46:40 - 2009/11/13)

US Condemns Murder of Iranian Consulate Employee
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Embassy of the United States in Pakistan has condemned the assassination of Abu Al Hassan Jafferi, Director Public Relations of the Iranian Consulate, in Peshawar on Thursday and offers its condolences to his family, a US embassy spokesman said. ( 15:35:18 - 2009/11/13)

Iran Plans to Establish Cyber Police
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Police Chief Brigadier General Esmail Ahmadi-Moqaddam says the force plants to set up a 'cyber police' division to counter 'internet crimes'. ( 15:15:05 - 2009/11/13)

Pakistani FM Condemns Killing of Iran Consulate Official
TEHRAN (FNA)- Pakistani Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi has strongly condemned the murder of Abul Hasan Jaffri, Director, Public Relations of the Consulate General of Iran at the Pakistani city of Peshawar. ( 15:05:24 - 2009/11/13)

Anemia Drug Ups Blood Clot Risk in Cancer Patients
TEHRAN (FNA)- Cancer sufferers on certain drugs, commonly used to cut the risk of anemia, are more vulnerable to developing blood clots in the lungs or legs, a new study finds. ( 14:52:19 - 2009/11/13)

Pakistan Vows to Apprehend Killers of Iranian Consulate Official
TEHRAN (FNA)- Pakistan on Thursday vowed to apprehend culprits who killed a Pakistani employee at Iranian consulate in north western city of Peshawar. ( 14:45:15 - 2009/11/13)

Paris to Host 2010 Shahnameh Millennium
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Ferdowsi Foundation has announced its programs for the 2010 Shahnameh millennium ceremony, due to be held in Paris. ( 14:32:17 - 2009/11/13)

3 Iranians in International 'All Stars' Futsal Team
TEHRAN (FNA)- Three world-class Iranian futsal players have been invited to play in the world 'All Stars' against Brazil's national futsal team in late December. ( 14:14:05 - 2009/11/13)

Swine Flu Death Toll Hits 58 in Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- Swine flu has claimed the lives of 58 people across Iran as the national tally of infected people passes 2660, the country's Health Ministry said. ( 16:27:52 - 2009/11/12)

Iran Condemns Assassination of Consulate Staff in Pakistan
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mihman-Parast on Thursday condemned assassination of local staff of the country's consulate in the northwestern Pakistani province of Peshawar. ( 16:12:22 - 2009/11/12)

Malaysia Favors Further Expansion of Ties with Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry Miustapa Mohamed said Thursday his country is willing to foster trade and economic cooperation with Iran. ( 15:54:02 - 2009/11/12)

First VP Stresses Boosting Iran-Africa Relations
TEHRAN (FNA)-Iran's First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi said Iran does seek expansion of ties with African countries. ( 15:32:24 - 2009/11/12)

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Tehran Not to Show Green Light to Americans out of Humiliation

Iran's Top General Raps Russia Over S-300

President: Human Perfection Impossible Without Divine, Monotheistic Belief

US Condemns Murder of Iranian Consulate Employee

Iran Plans to Establish Cyber Police