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16:48 | 2009-11-11

Foriegn Policy

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Mottaki Hails Iran, Senegal Strategic Roles in Multilateral Cooperation

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in a meeting with his Senegalese counterpart Madicke Niang reiterated that the two countries can contribute a role in the promotion of mutual and multilateral cooperation.

Mottaki told the Senegalese top diplomat that the role of Senegal president in dealing with different crises and conflicts in Africa either in Somalia or Guinea is worthy of appreciation and Iran is also ready to help resolve crises in Africa.

Referring to Iran's position in Asia and Senegal's position in Africa, Mottaki said that the two countries can play strategic roles in developing bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

He continued that the two countries have had good consultations in international circles and in the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).

By expounding current developments in Africa, Mottaki said that Iran supports convergence of African countries to end crises in the continent.

Referring to Palestine crisis and OIC's role in this concern, Mottaki said that the role of OIC in helping and supporting Palestinian rights has always been a key role.

The Iranian foreign minister by referring to the declared policies of US president on making changes said that the world people want a true and practical change, but they have not seen anything objective so far.

Madicke Niang by explaining new capacities of ties between the two countries, said that Senegal can enjoy Iran's experiences in the fields of agriculture, industry, engineering, and technical services.

He expressed hope that the ground for holding a joint meeting between heads of states of Africa and Iran can be prepared.