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15:49 | 2009-11-10

Foriegn Policy

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Envoy Underlines Tehran's Support for Afghan Security, Stability

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations Mohammad Khazaee reiterated Tehran's support for the Afghan government and nation's efforts to establish sustainable and comprehensive security, stability and progress in the war-torn country.

Addressing a session of UN General Assembly on Monday, Iranian Permanent representative to the UN here called for rapid withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.

He reiterated that Afghanistan should be ruled by an Afghan government elected by the Afghan people.

Praising the UN's key role in coordinating international efforts in Afghanistan, Khazaee said such constructive efforts are supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He further appreciated the turnout of Afghan people in the recent presidential elections in that occupied country.

The Iranian envoy referred to security as the most challenging issue in Afghanistan.

He expressed his regret over the increase in terrorist attacks in certain parts of the country and vast smuggle of narcotic drugs.

Deterioration of insecurity in Afghanistan is an indication of lack of success of efforts made by big powers to calm down terrorist and extremist groups, Khazaee added.

On poppy cultivation in Afghanistan, he regretted that the country is still the biggest source of producing narcotic drugs in the world, adding that continuation of such a trend would have negative impact on the country's security status.

Khazaee underscored that a secure, stable and developed Afghanistan would benefit the entire world, Afghanistan's neighbors in particular.

As to the presence of at least three million Afghan refugees in Iran in the past three decades, he said the Islamic Republic is still hosting some one million registered Afghan refugees.