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Iranian MPs to Study Malaysia's Legislative, Judiciary Systems
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian parliament's Legal and Judicial Commission plans to dispatch a delegation to Malaysia in an effort to study the legislative and judicial systems of the Muslim country. ( 13:49:02 - 2009/10/17)

Iran's VP Talks with UNESCO Director General
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Vice-President and Head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Hamid Baqaei met with UNESCO Director General Koichiro Matsuura on Tuesday afternoon. ( 16:34:34 - 2009/10/14)

Frequent Quakes Jolt Iran on Tuesday
TEHRAN (FNA)- Four consecutive tremors measuring from 1.3 to 4.8 on the Richter scale hit the city of Kamyaran in Iran's northwestern Kordestan province on Tuesday. ( 13:07:47 - 2009/10/13)

Police Seize over 1000 kg of Drugs in Southeastern Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Law Enforcement Police seized more than a ton of illicit drugs in the southeastern province of Kerman, a provincial police commander announced on Monday. ( 18:58:53 - 2009/10/12)

Consecutive Quakes Jolt Southern Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- Three consecutive tremors measuring 3.3, 3.4 and 4 on the Richter scale hit the city of Fin in Iran's southern Hormozgan province on Saturday. ( 13:50:25 - 2009/10/10)

Police Release Tehrani Hostages in Southern Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's law enforcement police forces released 4 Tehrani citizens held hostage for 110 days in the southeastern Iranian city of Iranshahr, a senior provincial commander announced Friday night. ( 13:46:46 - 2009/10/10)

Ban Ki-Moon: Poverty Cause of Mental Disorders
TEHRAN (FNA)- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said poverty and its associated stresses, which include unemployment, violence, social exclusion and constant insecurity, are closely linked to the onset of mental disorders. ( 12:34:47 - 2009/10/10)

Swine Flu Takes More Toll in Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- The death of an 8-year-old boy infected with H1N1 virus increased the number of swine flu fatalities to seven in Iran, the health ministry announced on Wednesday. ( 18:32:55 - 2009/10/07)

Iran to Tighten Disciplinary Rules for Policemen
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Police Chief Brigadier General Ismail Ahmadi Moqaddam on Wednesday said that the country plans to enhance discipline among its law enforcement forces in a bid to prevent abuse and maltreatment of suspects and culprits like what happened in the Kahrizak detention center. ( 16:52:33 - 2009/10/07)

Nine Firefighters Injured Extinguishing Tehran's Grand Bazaar Blaze
TEHRAN (FNA)- Nine firefighters were injured during their two-and-a-half-hour efforts to extinguish the fire which broke into Tehran's Grand Bazaar. ( 14:39:25 - 2009/10/06)

Research Finds Positive Impacts of Tackling Social Factors on Health
TEHRAN (FNA)- Findings of reviews done by a group of British Researcher prove that tackling the wider social determinants of health may impact positively on health. ( 14:27:42 - 2009/10/05)

Iranian Health Minister to Visit Morocco
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Health Minister Marzieh Vahid Dastjerdi is scheduled to visit Morocco in a bid to participate in the 56th meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the East Mediterranean region. ( 18:47:33 - 2009/10/04)

Quake Hits Southern Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- An earthquake measuring 3 on the Richter scale jolted the town of Dargahan in Hormozgan province Southern Iran, on Saturday. ( 12:57:48 - 2009/10/03)

Swine Flu Death Toll in Iran Rises to 6
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian health officials confirmed two more swine flu deaths in the country, bringing the total toll of the fatal disease to six. ( 17:39:42 - 2009/10/02)

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