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14:28 | 2009-11-08


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Multiple-Layer Nanotubes Used in Synthesizing Light Nanocomposites

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian researchers at Mendeleev University, Moscow managed to commercialize the production of multiple-layer nanocomposites applied in industrial and construction materials.

Shimanov, a lecturer at Mendeleev University, who also works for Nanocomposite Compoany Ltd., presented his company achievements at Iran Nano 2009 exhibition currently being held at Tehran; the achievements are the result of ten years of researches as he said.

He came to the conclusion that the use of the mentioned nanocomposites could result in the production of materials with more strength and less weight after making a comparison between the mechanical properties of multiple layered nanocomposites and common composites like aramid.

The relevant resins undergo ultrasonic dispergation operation. Any available production process could then be undertaken for the completion of the production, he told INIC.

For example, the researchers of the company manufactured one ton of the mentioned nanotubes through pultrusion method.

Some of the projects done by this company include the manufacturing of wind mill elevators which ascends to the height of 100 meters, an elevator specified for the emergency evacuation, and an elevator for carrying the vehicles up to 16 tons capacity and to a height of 200 meters.

Since the mentioned nanocomposites can tolerate high pressures for a long time, Nanocomposite Ltd. made a contract with one of the main car factories of Russia to produce 20,000 CNG capsules for the vehicles in cooperation with an advanced research center.