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Civil Service

As a part of the nation's largest, most stable employer, the federal government, the U.S. Department of State is the lead foreign affairs agency responsible for formulating, representing and implementing U.S. foreign policy overseas.

Civil Service employees at the U.S. Department of State help transform societies into stronger democracies and full partners in the international community while experiencing extraordinary careers as they work in the Department's Washington, D.C. headquarters location, or other cities throughout the United States. To meet the challenges of the 21st century — and beyond — we need intelligent, creative, strategic-thinking, adventurous individuals who can bring their academic knowledge, professional and personal experiences, cultural awareness and appreciation, and dedication to improving the world in which we live.

In turn, we offer some of the most innovative and meaningful work in the world. The U.S. Department of State provides career opportunities that are comparable in overall compensation to those in the private sector, and provide exceptional healthcare benefits and educational and personal development programs, along with adaptable and flexible work schedules. We offer seven different categories of opportunities for you to consider, all of which allow you to be directly involved with challenging issues that result in productive changes in our society.

From improving trade opportunities for U.S. businesses to helping American couples adopt children from overseas, to monitoring human rights issues, to providing management supervision, you can make a difference by working in one of the following areas:

A career in the Civil Service is a unique opportunity to represent America to the world. There are hundreds of job opportunities available that allow you to make a difference in our global society. For specific job listings and to apply, please click here.