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Spokesman Kelly (Nov. 9): "Well, actually we haven't received official confirmation that they'e been charged, and we are continuing to seek information about these press reports. If it is true, that they have been formally charged, we would find this outrageous, and of course, the families would find it devastating. And I think you also heard what the Secretary said a little earlier today. We believe that there is no evidence for these kinds of charges. We renew our request on behalf of these three young people and their families that the Iranian Government exercise compassion and let them return to their families. We will continue to make that case, both publicly and privately, through our Swiss protecting power in Tehran." -Daily Press Briefing

U.S. Waiting for Official Reaction to IAEA Proposal
Spokesman Kelly (Nov. 3):
"... the IAEA and Russia and France has on the table a very good proposal that will help Iran become better integrated in the international community, will be the first step towards ending its isolation. This is a very specific proposal that the Iranian delegation in Vienna already accepted in principle. I think it behooves us all to concentrate on this very concrete example of a way that we can move forward.." Full Text

A Constructive Beginning
Date: 10/01/2009 Location: Washington, DC Description: President Barack Obama makes a statement on the Iranian nuclear program, Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009, in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House.   Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson © White House ImagePresident Obama (Oct. 1): “The P5+1 is united, and we have an international community that has reaffirmed its commitment to non-proliferation and disarmament. That’s why the Iranian Government heard a clear and unified message from the international community in Geneva: Iran must demonstrate through concrete steps that it will live up to its responsibilities with regard to its nuclear program. In pursuit of that goal, today’s meeting was a constructive beginning, but it must be followed by constructive action by the Iranian government.” -Full Text -Background Briefing by a Senior U.S. Official -Iran Participation at P5+1 Meeting