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The United States has made a long-term commitment to help Afghanistan rebuild itself after years of war.  The U.S., along with others in the international community, currently provides resources and expertise to Afghanistan in a variety of areas, including humanitarian relief and assistance, capacity-building, security needs, counter-narcotic programs, and infrastructure projects.  The U.S. also supports the Afghan Government in its efforts to establish a framework for a vibrant civil society, one that emphasizes democratic principles through a rule of law and creates accountable and transparent forms of government.

The United States and its international partners remain committed to helping Afghans realize their vision for a country that is stable, democratic, and economically successful, and to an Afghan government committed to the protection of women's rights, human rights, and religious tolerance. 

Date: 05/21/2009 Description: Afghanistan State Dept Photo

Date: 05/21/2009 Description: Afghanistan State Dept Photo

Spokesman Kelly (Nov. 12): "[Regarding] Holbrooke’s travel, he’s currently traveling to Berlin. He’s there today. He’ll be in Paris tomorrow, in Munich on November 14, and then next week he’ll be in Moscow. These are for consultations with government officials and his special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan counterparts. These routine meetings are part of continued efforts to stay in close touch with allies and partners on Afghanistan and Pakistan." -Full Text | -Press Statement

Spokesman Kelly (Nov. 12): "Ambassador Eikenberry has been providing this kind of advice and analysis to the President and Secretary since he arrived. And the President really deserves the right to be able to gather all this information from all the different principals, people involved in the shaping of this policy. You know that they met yesterday. The President met with his chief advisors involved in shaping Afghan policy, and Ambassador Eikenberry participated in that discussion." -Full Text

Spokesman Kelly (Nov. 4): "There was an election that was carried out according to Afghan law. We recognize Hamid Karzai as the legitimately elected president of Afghanistan. We respect Dr. Abdullah very much. We hope that he stays engaged in the political process and plays a part in the dialogue and the political life of his country. But our position is is that Hamid Karzai is the legitimately elected president of Afghanistan." -Daily Press Briefing

Spokesman Kelly (Nov. 2): "The Independent Electoral Commission announced a formal end to Afghanistan’s presidential elections process in accordance with the Afghan constitution and electoral laws. Following Dr. Abdullah’s announcement to withdraw, the IEC decided that a second round is no longer required and has announced that Hamid Karzai will be the next president." -Daily Press Briefing

Secretary Clinton (Nov. 1): "I recognize the decision by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah not to participate in the second round of balloting in the Afghan presidential elections. He ran a dignified and constructive campaign that drew the support of Afghan people across the nation. We hope that he will continue to stay engaged in the national dialogue, and work on behalf of the security and prosperity of the people of Afghanistan." -Full Text

Attack on a Guest House in Kabul
Sectretary Clinton (Oct. 28): "I strongly condemn the cowardly attack today in Afghanistan. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who were injured and the families who lost loved ones. One American citizen working for the United Nations was among those who lost their lives, along with other UN international employees and members of the Afghan National Security Forces who bravely fought to protect them." -Remarks