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11:40 | 2009-06-12


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Iranian Puppet Opera at Rome's Quirino

TEHRAN (FNA)- A puppet opera recounting the tragedy of Ashura, scripted and directed by Behrouz Gharibpour, will go on stage for the first time in Europe at Rome's Quirino Theatre.

The Ashura puppet opera blends music, poetry and action in a 'Ta'ziyah' format, which is akin to the Christian passion plays.

Ashura, the tenth day of the lunar month of Muharram, is marked each year in the commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) - the third Shia Imam and a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - and 72 of his companions in Karbala which is in today's Iraq.

"The Ashura puppet opera, which was earlier staged in Tehran, will be performed in Italy following an invitation by the Quirino Theatre, which is one of the best known, biggest and oldest theatres in Italy," said Iran's Deputy Culture Minister for Artistic Affairs Mohammad Hossein Imani Khoshkhou in Rome, press tv reported.

Khoshkhou predicts that the Italian audiences will appreciate the Iranian opera.

It was earlier staged at the 27th Fajr International Theater Festival, which in January hosted national and international troupes in the Iranian capital Tehran.

Gharibpour has used the elegies of the Safavid-era poet, Mohtasham Kashani in a tribute to "one of the most prominent Iranian poets" and to "recount the story in the best way possible."

Theatre director Behrouz Gharibpour is considered one of the pioneers of traditional Persian puppet theatre, and known for his extensive research on Qajar-era puppetry.

William Shakespeare's Macbeth and Rustam and Suhrab tragedy based on a story from Ferdowsi's Shahnameh are among his previous works.