Karzai Pledges Corruption Fight Video

President Hamid Karzai begins a second five-year term by saying Afghanistan's "culture of impunity" must end. Vowing to learn from his past mistakes, he said corruption must be "strongly pursued." More

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From Words To Deeds

The international community must act swiftly to impose itself as an equal stakeholder and partner in tackling corruption in Afghanistan. It must come up with intelligent strategies, accompanied by clear benchmarks and mechanisms to monitor those benchmarks every step of the way. More

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Cultural Capital

What's Coke.com In Arabic?

Starting next week Internet users around the globe will be able to see addresses in their native languages. But experts caution that there are pitfalls on the road to the truly global Internet. More

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Front Row Seat To The Revolution

RFE/RL's Pavel Pechacek discusses reporting on the Velvet Revolution from Wenceslas Square in Prague in 1989. More


The Revolutions Of 1989

The dramatic fall of communism across Eastern Europe cannot be traced to one event, one decision, or one person. But there was a singular wind of change sweeping across the continent in 1989, blowing down the Iron Curtain, and revealing the public's yearning for freedom.

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