Kung Fu Fighting

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Texas Dragon Dance Team Salute

Day 206/365 : When one has no style, he can fit in with any style [ Explored ]  karate kat in 3d colour  No handed Cartwheel

My friends are war freaks, lol

Photos from Peter Tsai Photography, Gooner-Licious, pwils10, and gchic.

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Thanksgiving plates

Thanksgiving Dinner 2009    GFS Thanksgiving feast - my plate    happy no-turkey-turkey day ;)    I cooked.    Thanksgiving Dinner, 2009    Happy Thanksgiving to All my Family and Friends

2009-11-26 Turkey Dinner 005    Finally its Here    Turkey-free Thanksgiving dinner    YIP.292 brought to you by balducci's    Husband's dinner    Thanksgiving '09

thanksgiving dinner    Thanksgiving dinner    Thanksgiving Dinner 2009    three pounds of food    Happy Thanksgiving, Flickr!    My Plate

Thanksgiving Dinner    Dinner is ready!    my plate at thanksgiving dinner.    Thanksgiving 2009    My plate    my dinner!

A few of the delicious looking Thanksgiving dinner plates uploaded today. Let’s eat!

thanksgiving dinner

Photos from J. Bedhead, karma1221, mlephotos, william couch, Roadsidepictures, b.campbell65, RG of CS-in a dark place, Iohnathaneric, jerdlngr, JulieFrick, akki14, _rockinfree, aaronisnotcool, equusignis, w9jim, BillRhodesPhoto, Marissa Babin, jetgirlart, sameold2008, sharkbayte, k a y l a m a e, marytsao, pbenmay, LDHNY, and catchinglights.

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Asterisks in the sky

Happy (Con)trails

Contrail asterisk    Asterisk


Asterisk in the sky

punctuation in the sky

And there’s more!

Photos from Ezra S F, wwfloyd, beegeye, Metius, StripeyAnne, and sweetgoddess71.

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Photochrom Travel

[Arcade, Rotterdam, Holland] (LOC)

[Coolvest, Rotterdam, Holland] (LOC)

[Peat market and new church, Hague, Holland] (LOC)

Photochrom prints are produced from black and white negatives through a colorization process and were popular in the latter 19th through early 20th centuries. The Library of Congress has a wonderful collection, and have shared more in some recent uploads with a lovely mix of urban and pastoral views of Holland, included in the Photochrom Travel Views set.

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Japan by iPhone



Photos from chasingjackets set, japan 2009 – iPhone captures

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Nijlpaard - Hippopotamus amphibius

Mother hippo and calf     Little and Large

Pygmy Hippopotamus 6

hippopotamuses     Hippopotamus with apple

Hippo pool

a girl and her hippo 2     hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius)


See more Hippos in Hippopotamus Clusters.

Photos from Laura Bertola, Tambako the Jaguar, sypix, ruthhallam, vuturistic, STEHOUWER AND RECIO, Stefano_p, moocatmoocat, batears2000 and schlotto.
Inspired by Gertrud K..

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A cowboy uses his free hand for balance

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Meetup with some pals

flickr meet

PCK Meetup (Mubarak Village)    The Frame

Flickr Fuvahmulah, Meetup 2009    Mechelen meetup 2007

All of Us on the Salt Lake    Petit groupe nocturne ...

Cincinnati Strobist Meetup Group, March 1 2008    4th Unique Maldives Flickr meet

Here are images of Flickr members getting together for photowalks, photocamps, and meetups. Followed by images that were the result of meetups.

Getting together with other photographers for a day of shooting can be fun and enlightening (that is not a Strobist pun). On the left of the Flickr Blog you can always check to see if there are any get togethers in your area. If you don’t see one near you, set one up!


A "Trip" to Cleveland    07.06.08 : Puppies Can Fly: Proof Is In The Capture

army of leaves brittney strobist flickrazzi hopping at hangar 30 And they're off!

public dancer

Have fun! :)

Photos from laz’andre, far0ck (pictures dont need words), ©Helminadia-Photograph y, nattu, Koinsky, Hamed Saber, citron bleu, rrdphoto, maapu, pericoterrades, teacherholly, PJ Taylor Photo, Blackwings, poopoorama, puja, boncey, and a nameless yeast.

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Try not to scream!

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wfh (working from home)


cameron and his officemate - _MG_1537

hard at work    Working Outdoors

Pre-Dusk Telecommute    Working at home with Momma Moya

Hey, Look at Me!

Working from home today? Show them how it’s done in the telework / telecommute / work-from-home group.

Photos from mccun934, sean dreilinger, jocelyndale, Bareg L Noor, limahuli, lwaldal, and wrumsby.

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