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19:16 | 2009-12-13


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Iran's No. 1 Car-Manufacturing Company to Offer 3 New Products Each Year

TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of the Middle-East's largest auto-manufacturing company, Iran Khodro (IKCO) announced that the company is scheduled to unveil three new products each year.

"Presenting three new products and two diversified models for each year is a part of IKCO's agenda," Javad Najmeddin said, explaining the company's eight-month performance in the current Iranian year (ends March 20) as well as plans for the years ahead.

Referring to Soren ELX and Samand SE introduction to the market by the end of the Iranian year, Najmeddin added, "Peugeot 207i will be unveiled in manual and automatic versions in the current year and the production capacity of this car will be five thousand units per annum."

"New Pars LX and ELX, with boosted safety and comfort features and lower fuel consumption in comparison with its basic model, will hit domestic and foreign markets soon," he continued.

Najmeddin further pointed to the increase in the production and sales of the company as well as plans to introduce new products while boosting quality, and said, "IKCO's market share in terms of both value and volume increased from 45.4% and 52.7% in the last year to 51.4% and 59% in November this year, respectively."

IKCO has produced three million vehicles in the past six years alone, which is equivalent to its total production over the previous 36 years.

IKCO plans to increase its annual production to one million vehicles by January of 2009 out of which 800,000 will be produced by domestic plants and the remaining 200,000 vehicles will be manufactured by the company's sites abroad.