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17:45 | 2009-11-08


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Iran Calls on UN to Consider Goldstone Report in Decisions

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Ambassador to the UN Mohammad Khazaee urged the international body to implement the advices presented in the UN Fact-Finding Committee report about Israel's crimes in Gaza strip in its decisions on the issue.

Khazaee pointed to the remarks by some countries that if affiliated international organizations implement advices of the report arranged by Richard Goldstone, regional peace process would be endangered, saying Israel's record of 60 years occupation has revealed that it is not committed to ending occupation and accepting international rules and regulations.

"The crisis of identity, credit and influence is one of the crises that the UN and its Security Council are facing in the world and if the UN can hinder Zionist regime's aggressions and revitalize Palestinians' rights, the move will influence its credit," he told the Iranian students news agency.

If the UN and its related organizations could take serious measures on the report, it can influence introducing aggressors, Khazaee added.

He said, "I doubt that the UN could take serious measures on the issue or Israel would heed to the UN resolutions, so far over 40 resolutions have been issued condemning Israel's crimes, but no one has been put into practice yet."

Israel clearly violates the UN legislations and continues settlement activities, Khazaee noted, "Some strong members of the UN Security Council including the US are Israel's allies, also the issued resolutions against Israel can be implemented if they are legally-binding and countries will bring them into effect."

He also criticized certain regional countries which do not employ their capabilities to prevent Israel's aggressions.

Khazaee also called for the UN Security Council to heed to demands of the UN Human Rights and General Assembly and consider punitive measures for Israel.