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17:46 | 2009-12-02


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Afghan MP Slams US for Expanding Bagram Air Base

TEHRAN (FNA)- A member of Afghanistan's parliament criticized the US for expanding its military base in Bagram, 11 km southeast of Charikar in Parwan province.

"The establishment and expansion of Bagram military base by the US forces means creation of a separate government by the US in Afghanistan which Afghans cannot bear," Abdosattar Khavasi told FNA on Wednesday.

Khavasi reiterated that the presence of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan would not lead to tranquility and security in the country.

"Rather these countries are pursuing their own aspirations and plans and they are following a large-scale strategy and goal in the country, and they are expanding and strengthening their military bases, including Bagram, in Afghanistan in a bid to attain the same goal," he continued.

He also accused certain countries of fomenting insecurity in Afghanistan in a bid to lengthen their military presence in the country.

Khavasi urged the Afghan government not to keep silent over the US move and performance in the country and take action against it.

US soldiers and allied NATO troops have been waging an increasingly costly war against a Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan and taking an increasingly heavy toll on the more than 100,000 troops deployed under US and NATO command.

A series of polls have shown the American public becoming increasingly disillusioned with the war in Afghanistan, where more than 800 US soldiers have lost their lives.