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2009-12-09 - 13:54

Iran, Turkey Agree to Deepen Provincial Cooperation

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's northwestern province of West Azerbaijan and five Turkish border provinces on Tuesday signed agreements in which they agreed to bolster cooperation among border provinces of the two countries.

The agreement was signed by Governor General of the Western Azerbaijan Vahid Jalalzadeh and Van's Governor General Monir Karaloglu.

According to the agreement, all problems and obstacles on the way of economic and trade cooperation between Turkey's five border provinces and Iran's west Azerbaijan province will be removed.

Issues of customs problem between the two countries were also discussed in the related gathering and it was scheduled that two meetings on January 11 and February 22, 2010 be held in Igdir, Turkey, and Orumiyeh, Iran, respectively.

Among other things, University of Orumiyeh and Van University are supposed to start a close academic cooperation, the Islamic republic news agency reported.