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18:01 | 2009-07-21


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Barzani's Rival Discloses Financial Corruption in Kurdistan Region

TEHRAN (FNA)- The main rival of the head of the Iraqi Kurdistan's Regional Administration in the upcoming presidential election alleged that he has traced several cases of financial corruption in the oil contracts signed by Kurdistan administration officials.

"The Iraqi Kurdistan government in a contract signed with the 'Pet Prime International Oil Company Ltd' has allocated a part of oil sales profit to 'Nazar Group' company while the latter has no role in the contract," Halo Ibrahim Ahmed, the main rival of Massoud Barzani in the upcoming presidential voting, said in a press conference on Tuesday.

Ahmed, who leads the Progress fraction in Kurdistan's parliament, is among the six candidates who have registered to contest the presidency in the Kurdish elections, including Barzani. In 2005, Barzani was elected by the local parliament.

Ahmed alleged that Nazar Group Co. is owned by senior Kurdish officials, reminding that the administration has shrugged off questions on the possible reasons or causes for directing a part of the profit towards the Nazar company.

He further claimed that the Kurdish parliament has shown a blind eye financial corruption among administration officials, and said, "I had already informed the parliament speaker (and presiding board) of corruption in the oil contracts of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, but they didn't react."

Ahmed also threatened to lodge a complaint over the officials' financial corruption, saying, "In case courts of the Iraqi Kurdistan region prove incapable of arresting the administration's natural resources minister, I will file a lawsuit at Iraq's Federal Supreme Court."