The 15th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

Welcome to IFComp 2009, the competition for short text adventures.


16 November: The votes have been tabulated, and we have our winners! Congratulations to the top three games, Rover's Day Out, Broken Legs, and Snowquest, as well as to all authors for entering. And a big note of thanks to everyone who judged the games. The full results are available below.

2 October: For those playing Rover's Day Out under Spatterlight, please don't. Please use Zoom instead, as Spatterlight appears to be mis-handling the game.

1 October: The games are now available for downloading or (in the case of 14 of them) playing online. The game information and voting page is open. You can also download Comp09.z5, an optional z-code based interface that, like the voting page, will let you randomize the list of games and save your votes.

30 September: The authors have uploaded their games, and we are currently processing them. Games should be released within a day or two.

2 September: All authors have signed up and are feverishly working on their games.

5 June: The web site is open for business. Authors may sign up, while those who are interested can learn more about how to judge in the competition or can donate prizes.

Current Status

The competition has ended, and the results are now available. The top three games are Rover's Day Out, Broken Legs, and Snowquest. The winners of the Miss Congeniality Contest, chosen by the authors themselves, are Rover's Day Out, The Duel in the Snow, and a tie between Byzantine Perspective and Broken Legs.

About the Competition

For the last fourteen years, the readers of the Usenet newsgroup have held a yearly interactive fiction competition. For fans of the old Infocom games as well as for newcomers to the genre, the competition is a chance to enjoy some of the best short adventure games available anywhere.

Things to Do

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Things to Learn

What Interactive Fiction Is
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List of Entered Games
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The organizer for the 2009 competition is Stephen Granade. Thanks go to all who have volunteered their time and energy to make this competition happen over the years. Special thanks go to Geof Morris, Mark Musante, Dan Shiovitz, Lucian Smith, Mike Snyder, Stefan Donati, and Misty Granade.