The road to nowhere: How Toyota turned 50 years of growth into a multi-billion-pound loss

Lexus LFA

TOM PARKER BOWLES: It's the season of New Year diets but eating healthily needn't involve suffering

Selection of sashimi

A rather more palatable alternative to some ghastly diet, however, is to eat well, but sensibly.

They can rebuild you: Try the human MOT at the Porsche Centre

A fitness session in the gym at the Porsche Centre

If you don't think you need to be that fit to race cars, then try the human MOT at the Porsche Centre (it's not just for bionic men).

OLLY SMITH: Broaden your wine horizons in 2010

Alejandro Fernandez Tinto Pesquera 2006

Your New Year's wine resolution should be all about exploring the new frontiers of discovery. Instead of settling for the same old bottle clinking into your trolley week in, week out, try something different.

'Time and time again I defy what science says I can do,' says Britain's most successful road cyclist Mark Cavendish

Mark Cavendish

Getting fit for the new year? You could do worse than follow the advice of Mark Cavendish (he can hit 50mph on the sprints).

The Simpsons celebrates 20 years and is still going strong... The makers tell us how they do it

The Simpsons

Time to put your new PC or iPhone to use and shed the pounds the hi-tech way

iPhone split

Make mine a double: A digital stills camera that can also record HD video

Canon 7D

It's the two-for-one deal we really like. For still photos, it's hard to fault the Canon 7D, while the Panasonic Lumix GH1's advanced AVCHD video format reduces power consumption so filming won't drain the battery unduly.

What's the score? Six of the most noteworthy over-the-ears headphones to invigorate your MP3s

Philips SHS8001

Plus Google's Android - a rival to the software inside iPhone - which lets phones provide live feeds from news sites or Twitter on screen.

Phone home: Call back on the land-line - but which one?

Panasonic KX-TG6481

The Siemens Gigaset A585 has the best battery for talk-time, while the Panasonic KX-TG6481 is one of the friendliest land-line phones to use - but which one is best for you?

Love me slender: Is Sony's new Vaio X a hi-tech heavyweight?

Vaio X

The Vaio X is just gorgeous - insanely slim at just 13.9mm thick and weighing just 780g, it feels barely there.

Now that's what I call house music: Why multi-room streamers are the future of hi-fi

The Meridian's Sooloos music streamer

The Meridian's new multi-room Sooloos music streamer finally delivers what digital music has always promised. The music is CD-quality.

Keep taking the (touchscreen) tablets

Archos 5

A touchscreen tablet PC: web, radio, Twitter and Skype - and, more importantly, instant access to a recipe for a martini... what more could your kitchen surface require?

The top ten best gadgets of 2009

Philips Cinema 21:9

It's A Man's World: Suggs


The Madness frontman on being inspired by Tommy Cooper, dressing up as Susan Boyle and why he likes the English-gentleman look.

It's A Man's World: David Haye

David Haye

The British heavyweight boxing champion of the world on being vain, why he turns into a caveman before a fight and having a bad memory.

It's A Man's World: Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey

The stand-up comedian on the importance of footwear, buying cheap jewellery and watches and why he can't have tattoos.

Mark Wahlberg: I left the mean streets for Hollywood

Mark Wahlberg

Jamie Cullum on Sophie Dahl, Clint Eastwood and the perfect playlist for Christmas

Jamie Cullum

The big day with Sophie Dahl, a new tour and the perfect holiday soundtrack - Jamie Cullum's got Christmas all wrapped up.

James Ellroy on writing about his mother's murder and why his novels will always shock

James Ellroy

When James Ellroy's mother was murdered in mysterious circumstances it led him into a lucrative life of crime...

Why Snow Patrol asked James Corden to perform with them at the Royal Albert Hall

Snow Patrol and James Corden

They've made a fortune from their gigs, so why did Snow Patrol scrap their hugely successful live show and invite a comedian and an orchestra to perform with them?

Revealed: Britain's role in this rice merchant's extraordinary rendition

Amanatullah Ali at Bagram

How did one Pakistani rice salesman, picked up by the SAS in Iraq, find himself thrown into the America-run prison on this Afghan air base - a place known as Guantanamo's evil twin?

When Lego lost its head - and how this toy story got its happy ending


Five years ago toy giant Lego went from massive profit to near-fatal loss. The question is, how did it happen? And more to the point, how did this toy story get a happy ending?

The kings of clubs: The men behind London's hippest venues

Nick House and Beyonce at Kanaloa

If you want to run a successful nightspot, you need friends in high places. Luckily for the men behind London's hippest venues, their mates go by the names of William and Harry...

JAMES MARTIN: What makes the Mercedes S-Class the luxury ride of choice for CEOs and presidents

Mercedes-Benz S 350 CDI L

JAMES MARTIN: Why the sleek Vauxhall Astra 1.4 Turbo SE is good enough for the boss

Vauxhall Astra 1.4 Turbo SE

This isn't just a 'refresh'; it's a whole new car - new engines, new suspension, new body.

JAMES MARTIN: What makes the Skoda Yeti a monster truck

Skoda Yeti

The oddly named 4x4 that has acres of storage space, doesn't guzzle fuel and is fun to drive... Can it really be a Skoda?

JAMES MARTIN: The Nissan GT-R is quicker than most Ferraris and half the price

Nissan GT-R

Like all the best things from Japan, the GT-R feels beamed in from about ten years in the future.

What a curve up: The snowboard that thinks it's a supercar

Burton's Method

Burton's Method is the snowboard equivalent of a supercar - showcasing way-out technologies that the board manufacturer hopes will change the sport forever.

Look at the birdie: The DraganFlyer X6 - for when a step-ladder just isn't high enough

The Draganflyer X6 with camera

The DraganFlyer X6 is an aerial surveillance drone which has vertical take-off capabilities, and can take digital photos and video directly downwards.

The amazing belt buckle that expands with your waistline as you enjoy that Christmas blowout

Roland Iten R8S Mark II

Simply lift the shiny lever on the Roland Iten R8S Mark II and you can give yourself an extra two inches around the middle.

TOM PARKER BOWLES: It's the season of New Year diets but eating healthily needn't involve suffering

Selection of sashimi

A rather more palatable alternative to some ghastly diet, however, is to eat well, but sensibly.

TOM PARKER BOWLES: Fill your ski boots with the best in Alpine food

Cold Meats and Raclette Cheeses

Skiing: just a civilised means of transport from one inaccessible restaurant to another. Now, what to eat when you get there...

TOM PARKER BOWLES: The perfect winter warmer? Here are a few ideas to mull over...

Flaming red wine punch

For me, mulled or spiced cider is far preferable to mulled wine.

TOM PARKER BOWLES: What's the difference between a stew and casserole and does it really matter?

Braised beef in red wine sauce

The stew is the simplest of dishes, a slow cooked mass of soft, unctuous meat, caressed by a deeply flavoured, beautifully rich sauce.

TOM PARKER BOWLES: It sounds like a crazy idea, but making your own bacon couldn't be easier

Bacon sandwich in potato waffles

It was only a few days back I learned that making your own bacon is an absolute cinch. Seriously, it's egg-boiling easy, requiring no more than three ingredients, a fridge and the use of one working hand.

TOM PARKER BOWLES: Dinner is poured - cooking with your favourite ale

Dark beer with venison loin fillet on red wine sauce

Beer in cooking is criminally underused. With flavours ranging from the zesty citric hit of a wheat beer, through the hoppy kick of an IPA right up to the dense, rich depth of a porter, the cook has a lot to play with.

THE INSIDER: Keeley Hawes cried even more than Amanda Holden during the awards...

Piers Morgan / Keeley Hawes

'Please use my shoulder to weep on,' I generously suggested, trying my luck. And she did, as I comfortingly purred 'there, there' and stroked her hair.

THE INSIDER: Lily Allen put her arm around mine and said, 'Piers, I've never been so in love as I am right now...'

Piers Morgan and Lily Allen at The Morgans 2009

'What, with ME?' I exclaimed. 'No, you idiot - with my boyfriend standing behind you.'

THE INSIDER: Gwyneth Paltrow shimmered past me - and I have to admit she looked damn hot...

Piers Morgan / Gwyneth Paltrow

She was fleshier (in a good, super-toned way), radiated good health and, I have to admit, looked damn hot.

THE INSIDER: A large box arrived from Katherine Jenkins. 'To Piers, with love from your Domestic Goddess'

Piers Morgan / Katherine Jenkins

I opened the box, and there were two hand-made cakes - one chocolate, one lemon. This is, tragically, the nearest that Katherine Jenkins will ever get to my waistline.

THE INSIDER: 'Christine Bleakley is brainy, funny and pretty... so way too good for Frank Lampard'

Piers Morgan / Christine Bleakley

I can now reveal that I was the Cupid who got them together.

THE INSIDER: 'The poll is proof that you rank nowhere in the public's eyes,' scoffed Lord Alan Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar

He couldn't be more wrong. In another poll published, the British public voted me sixth on a list of male celebrities that they would like to play Prince Charming in a panto.