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17:28 | 2009-12-20


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Hamas Blasts Egypt for Building Separation Wall

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Palestinian resistance Hamas group on Sunday lashed out at Egypt for its efforts to construct a wall of separation in the bordering areas with Gaza, terming it a "criminal act".

"Building the wall will stop the transfer of food stuff, medicine and clothes to 1,500,000 residents of Gaza and it is considered as a crime against humanity," Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman, told FNA.

Barhoum further pointed to the defeat the Zionist regime sustained during the 22-day war on Gaza in 2009, and said that following the defeat, the US sought to bring Gaza Strip under international inspection and monitoring and the steal wall is being built in line with the same policy of the US.

He urged the Egyptian government to oppose the construction of the wall which would lead a siege of Gaza Strip and to open passages for transferring humanitarian aids to the region.

As regards the Palestinians' measures in preventing the construction of the separation wall, Barhoum said they would not resort to violence but Hamas will inform the world public opinion of the different aspects, impacts and consequences of the construction of the wall.

When completed in 18 months' time, the impenetrable and indestructible wall will be 10-11km in length and will extend 18-30m below the surface along the 13km-long border.

Four kilometers have, reportedly, been completed north of the town of Rafah, which is bisected by the border that also divides Palestinian families.

Last March, the US provided Egypt with $32 million (€21.75 million) to install electronic surveillance devices and other equipment to prevent what it claims to be smuggling weapons.

US army engineers have designed the wall, modeled on structures used to reinforce levees in hurricane-prone New Orleans. US firms have manufactured its sections, which fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.