Amanda struggling to Holden to her glamorous looks at Britain's Got Talent auditions

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince

The 40-year-old Kills guitarist flew out to meet the model last week while she was working in Mustique.

Jamie Oliver

More than half the residents of the country's fattest city, Huntingdon, West Virginia, are obese but most were blatantly uninterested in the chef's advice.

Pixie Lott

They are so often dominated by macho rock ’n’ roll stars. But the Brit Awards this year promise to be a much more girlie affair.

Ricky Groves and Hannah Waterman

Hannah Waterman has hit back at estranged husband Ricky Groves after he slated her for her 'obsessive dieting' and having a new man.

Mary-Jess Leaverland

Talented singer Mary Jess Leaverland, 19, entered the competition during a year abroad to study for her joint honours degree in music and Chinese.

Dennis Hopper with his wife Victoria

Suffering from terminal prostate cancer, ultimate bad boy Dennis Hopper is vowing to cap the amount wife Victoria gets in his will and, what's more, to deny her any hope of contesting it.


One minute she's shaking her Latino hips, the next she’s talking education with world leaders… Liz Jones discovers what really puts the fire into Shakira's super-taut belly.

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January Jones

She plays the lead character's trophy wife in the hit TV series Mad Men, but it’s January Jones who has emerged as the runaway star.

Keira Knightley

The Oscar-nominated actress has withdrawn herself from consideration for the role created by Audrey Hepburn.

Sir Paul McCartney in Hamburg

To coincide with today's free Sir Paul McCartney CD, Live went backstage on his recent tour to present this unique insight into the man and his work.

Ray Winstone

The tough actor on why boxing taught him about motivation, learning from your failures and putting his family first.

Excellent: In Alex (Vera Farmiga), company downsizer and frequent flyer Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) has finally met a woman with a similar case of corporate wanderlust

This film is an acerbic morality tale, with a big debt to the tougher, darker side of Hollywood comedy.

Let down: Melvil Poupard as Loverboy and Ray Winstone as Colin in 44 Inch Chest - which could have been a British equivalent of Reservoir Dogs with better direction and script

This piece staggers along like a third-rate fringe play, with increasingly pointless fantasy sequences.

On a mission: Denzel Washington stars in The Book Of Eli as a seemingly indestructable mystery man

Ponderously paced and surely the final nail in the coffin of its once-promising directors, Albert and Allen Hughes.

Inept Sandra: Like a Bullock in a china shop

This weirdly unfunny comedy is like Clint Eastwood's Play Misty For Me seen through the eyes of the stalker, and played unsuccessfully for laughs.

Post-apocalyptic: Viggo Mortensen and Modi Smit-McPhee in the film-adaptation of horror novel The Road

Set after an unexplained apocalypse, it's the artiest and dreariest film of the week, based on Cormac McCarthy's pessimistic novel.

Flair: Candidates show a real knack for trouble in the small-scale thriller Exam

The movie suffers from thin characters, uneven performances and a denouement that begs more questions than it answers.