The Third Jihad

"A wake up call for America."
-- Rudolph Giuliani

"If you think the threat of Radical Islam has subsided, see this film."
-- Radio Host Dennis Praeger

"The Third Jihad alerts Americans to the dangers of Islamic radicalization in our own communities. Zuhdi Jasser is sounding the alarm before it is too late."
-- US Senator Jon Kyl

“The Third Jihad successfully illustrates the threat Radical Islam poses inside the America today. As an American Muslim, I commend Dr Jasser's brave efforts to expose these issues while also serving as a role model for other Muslim Americans.”
-- Sapna Zaidi, Assistant Director,

“Every American—indeed every individual committed to human freedom—needs to see this film.
-- US Congressman Trent Franks

"All Americans should see this DVD. It presents a clear picture of the threat of Radical Islam—even within our own borders."
-- US Congresswoman Sue Myrick

"This film is a must see for anyone who objectively desires to understand the root causes of militant Islamic extremism and the continuing threat posed to the values of democratic behavior."
-- Jeffrey F. Addicott, Director, Center for Terrorism Law, St. Mary's University School of Law

“The Third Jihad captures the frightening truth behind Islamists who are implementing a strategy to undermine American society from within. This documentary will give the viewer courage to demand the truth from political leaders.
-- Jeffrey Norwitz, Professor of National Security Affairs

"A must see for all Americans."
-- David Beamer, Father of 9/11 hero Todd Beamer (UA Flight 93)

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