Fitness flop? It's all down to the genes, claim researchers

Survival of the fittest: Researchers say our DNA could also have an affect on our ability to burn off fat through exercise

The dementia timebomb: Britain will soon have one million victims costing £23billion a year


One million Britons will be victims of dementia within 15 years, according to a shocking report.

Boy, 10, loses nearly three stone at diet club after bullies tease him over weight

Oscar Williams after diet

Just 18 weeks after joining a slimming class he reached his goal weight of 8stone by shedding a massive 2stone 8lb.

Foreign doctors 'should take English test before becoming out-of-hours GPs'

Dr Daniel Ubani

Foreign doctors should receive basic training on how the NHS works and what drugs are commonly used in Britain before they are allowed to practise here.

Pig lungs could soon be transplanted into humans after astonishing medical breakthrough

Pigs lungs could soon be used for human transplants

Australian scientists have paved the way for animal-human transplants in as little as five years, after keeping pig lungs alive and functioning with human blood.

Parents warned against 'boutique' scanning of unborn babies

Baby scan

Doctors are concerned about the potential risks posed by 'non-essential' scanning carried out for souvenir scans where the ultrasound energy lasts longer.

Trust a mother's instinct on sick children, GPs told


Doctors are being told to treat parents' fears and concerns seriously because they know their child best.

Did hospital turn off mother's life support machine to save cash?

Lai-Mei Pang-Cheung

Lai-Mai Pang-Cheung's life support machine was switched off by doctors before her two sons could say goodbye because of 'tight resources', her husband has claimed.

A jab with no needle and a cushion to stop DVT- the ingenious gadgets dreamed up by medics to help their patients

No pain, lots of gain for the patient: Dr James Birchall with the microneedle

Frustrated by problems while treating patients, some enterprising medical staff have come up with easier, cheaper or new ways of doing things.

Positive thinking makes me sick: JENNI MURRAY on why she hates the self-help industry

jenni murray

The expert's guide to healthy teeth

Something to smile about: Follow dental surgeon Lance Knight's advice for healthy teeth

Dental surgeon Lance Knight recommends products to ensure you have a happy mouth and bright, white smile.

The simple bowel cancer test that could save your life

Dianne Smith

For Dianne Smith, believes a speck of blood she had spotted three years previously was the only early symptom of the bowel cancer.

Me and my operation: Surgeons stuck a probe in my eye and now I can see again

Josie Lippitt: Life's looking up since her eye op

How radioactive beams blasted into the retina could save
the sight of countless people...

Drive your ambulance too fast and you're fired, say NHS bosses


Repeat 'offenders' could be dismissed under rules drawn up by half of the 12 ambulance trusts in England, covering around 25million people.

How healthy eating could STOP you getting pregnant

Pregnant woman

New research that shows eating foods high in fibre may damage fertility. The findings show high-fibre foods such as wholemeal bread or pasta may disrupt a woman's hormone balance.

Fitness news: Why running ISN'T bad for your knees and a home remedy for athlete's foot

Joint protection: Regularly running can make the knees more resilient to wear and tear

The latest research suggests that running actually make knees more resilient to the pain caused by wear and tear.

Father is forced to deliver own baby on maternity ward after midwife goes AWOL

Kiss from mum and dad: Madeline gets a peck from Thomas and Emily

Could a man who died in the 1600s unlock YOUR health secrets?

Heart Cartoon

Scientists are using family trees to track disease-causing genes and going back in history, sometimes hundreds of years, to track the person who first produced the faulty genes.

Breast cancer gene breakthrough will create more effective treatment for patients


Breast cancer patients could soon be offered far more effective and personalised treatment for the disease thanks to a new gene discovery.

Scientists crack 20-year Aids puzzle that could revolutionise latest HIV medicines

HIV AIDS virus

Scientists say they have solved a crucial puzzle about the AIDS virus after 20 years of research and that their findings could lead to better treatments for HIV.

How DARE pen pushers decide how long your GP has for you

Doctor seeing a patient

Some NHS chiefs want to cut the length of GP appointments to just six minutes. It would be the start of conveyor-belt medicine, says GP Richard Deacon.

Professional women are the new big drinkers: They down double the alcohol of those in lower paid jobs

Middle class professionals are drinking more units a week than the working classes, according to new figures (photo posed by models)

Women in managerial positions are drinking an average of 10.2 units a week - more than a bottle of wine - compared with 6.5 units for manual workers.

Latest health news: How neck pain could be eased by a beam of light


Low intensity lasers may help treat neck pain, according to a new Australian study. Results for the non-invasive treatment were comparable to those for other treatments.

Daily exercise? No, we're too busy, say Britons as two out of three fail to get 30 minutes a day

Nearly half of adults are 'too busy' to do physical activity

Nearly half of adults (44 per cent) are simply ‘too busy’ to exercise, says the survey of 2,000 by the British Heart Foundation.

Saliva stones that grow in the mouth, ruining appetite and making chewing agony - they're far more common than many everyday ailments

Relief: Seanne Brearley can now eat without pain

Seanne's problem seemed to baffle her GP and dentist. Eventually she was referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist who X-rayed her mouth and throat before diagnosing salivary stones.

'Inefficient and wasteful' chlamydia screening allows infection rates to soar in under-25s


How you can help heal a failing heart

Britain's biggest killer: Heart disease is fatal for many and those who survive can be denied vital care that could improve their quality of life

Heart disease is Britain's biggest killer, taking the lives of 120,000 people every year. While many others survive, their lives are often blighted by depression, anxiety, ill health and a fear of dying young.

How breathing deeply can reduce pain

Take a deep breath: Studies show it can reduce pain

Taking half as many breaths as normal not only reduces short-term pain from burns or cuts, but could help thousands who suffer chronic aches in their joints and muscles.

How microwaves could save you from a mastectomy

Microwaves, like those used for cooking food, can treat breast tumours

A new breast cancer treatment that uses microwaves to ‘cook’ tumours could save thousands of women from mastectomies.

Agony of doctor's receptionist paralysed by swine flu jab

Alison Dygnas

A receptionist at a GP’s surgery has been left unable to walk properly after having the swine flu jab. Doctors believe the jab triggered a rare condition affecting the nervous system known as myasthenia gravis.

Who REALLY needs more sleep - men or women? One of Britain's leading sleep experts says he has the answer


Men and women frequently disagree about who gets the most sleep, who finds it the least exhausting to tend to a crying child in the night and who has the most energy left for chores.

Eating too many superfoods 'can harm health by overdosing on antioxidants'

Teapot and dry organic green tea

Scientists say the delicate balance of nutrients required by the body could be affected by stuffing it full of the antioxidants contained in superfoods.

Kellogg's to cut the salt in its cereals by a third following pressure from health watchdogs

Crackdown: The salt in Corn Flakes will be cut by 30 per cent

The company has previously delayed the reduction of salt levels, claiming customers enjoy the taste it offers.

The anti-snoring pill that could banish broken nights for good

Woman Trying to Sleep While Man Snores

The once-a-day pill slashed snoring rates by almost 70 per cent in a small U.S. trial. Now, larger studies are planned to see if the drug could be a breakthrough in the treatment of sleep apnoea.