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'Inside the First Amendment' columns
This weekly column about free expression provides perspective on cutting-edge issues involving freedom of speech, press and religion. It reminds readers of the importance of protecting First Amendment freedoms. It has appeared in more than 200 newspapers nationwide.

  • "Inside the First Amendment" can be published as a weekly feature or spot op-ed piece.
  • It is available at no cost via e-mail, this Web site or Gannett News Service.
  • For weekly e-mail delivery, please contact Brian J. Buchanan at 615/727-1543 or Or you may simply lift the text from the weekly commentary when it appears each Sunday morning on the home page, under "Analysis/Commentary."

    "Inside the First Amendment" is written by:

    Charles C. Haynes
    Charles C. Haynes
    Senior scholar and at the First Amendment Center. An educator for more than 20 years, he writes and speaks on religious liberty in public schools, religion and values in American public life, and First Amendment issues in education. He is the author or co-author of six books, including Finding Common Ground: A First Amendment Guide to Religious Liberty in Public Schools.

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    Gene Policinski
    Gene Policinski
    Vice president and executive director of the First Amendment Center. A veteran journalist whose career has included work in newspapers, radio, television and online, Policinski was a founding editor at USA TODAY. He also served as the newspaper's Washington editor and Page One editor. Policinski began his journalism career in 1969 in Indiana as a newspaper reporter and later as state bureau chief for Gannett News Service. In 1980, he became a correspondent in the GNS Washington bureau, reporting on Congress, politics and other issues. Policinski is also a lecturer and consultant on journalism issues ranging from newsroom ethics to new media.

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    Other columnists

    Except for Nat Hentoff's columns, commentaries may be reprinted at no charge. Please include byline and credit as the source, and mail a tearsheet to Brian J. Buchanan, First Amendment Center, 1207 18th Ave. S., Nashville, TN 37212.

    Nat Hentoff's commentaries appear here by permission, but we cannot assign reprint rights. Web sites may of course link to Hentoff columns.

    Douglas Lee
    Douglas Lee is a partner in the Dixon, Ill., law firm of Ehrmann Gehlbach Badger & Lee and a legal correspondent for the First Amendment Center.

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    Paul K. McMasters
    Formerly First Amendment ombudsman for the First Amendment Center, McMasters retired in 2007. His columns will remain on the site.

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    Ken Paulson
    Paulson wrote commentaries while he was executive director of the First Amendment Center. In 2004 he was named editor of USA Today. Paulson is now president and chief operating officer of the Freedom Forum, Newseum and Diversity Institute, with which the First Amendment Center is affiliated.

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    Nat Hentoff
    Nat Hentoff is a nationally syndicated columnist and commentator on the First Amendment, on the Bill of Rights in general and on other issues. He is a contributing editor to Editor & Publisher and also writes for The Village Voice in New York. (See notice above: Hentoff columns cannot be republished, only linked.)

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    Supreme Court analysis

    Tony Mauro
    Tony Mauro, based in Washington, D.C., is special correspondent for the First Amendment Center Online, providing analysis of Supreme Court cases pertaining to First Amendment issues. A veteran reporter covering the high court, Mauro is Supreme Court correspondent for Legal Times and American Lawyer Media.

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