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Probation ban on court attendance held too broad
By David L. Hudson Jr. California appeals court says going to court is part of First Amendment right of petition.   02.08.10

Blog: Curse tree-trimmers at your own risk
By David L. Hudson Jr. Arkansas woman who confronted tree workers and cops crossed the line into fighting words, court rules.   02.04.10

Blog: D&D is DOA in prison ruling
By David L. Hudson Jr. 7th Circuit upholds Wisconsin prison ban on role-playing games by inmates.   02.01.10

Hazelwood limits teacher speech, too
By David L. Hudson Jr. Famous case restricting student speech has greater reach, new ruling shows.   01.30.10

Blog: First Amendment doesn't shield too-hearty party
By Gene Policinski Federal judge says Rhode Island town ordinance against raucous parties doesn't violate rights to speech, association.   01.27.10

Blog: Courts deeply split on Ten Commandments displays
By David L. Hudson Jr. Judges' disagreements, such as in recent 6th Circuit case, could lead to further Supreme Court involvement.   01.26.10

Lone vote vs. campaign-ad disclosure: Thomas
By David L. Hudson Jr. Court's most strident opponent of campaign-finance laws says forced disclaimers hurt anonymous speech.   01.23.10

Blog: Kennedy invokes prior restraint
By David L. Hudson Jr. In attacking FEC campaign-finance regulations, justice shows venerated First Amendment concept still carries force.   01.22.10

Garcettized! '06 ruling still zapping speech
By David L. Hudson Jr. Since Garcetti v. Ceballos, public employees wishing to speak out on public matters have had to think twice.   01.15.10

Blog: Google finally takes free-speech stand against China
By Gene Policinski Search-engine company 'no longer willing to continue censoring our results on'   01.13.10

Blog: Pew report on local news echoes our survey
By Gene Policinski Newspapers, their Web sites, broadcasting provide most local news.   01.13.10

New report seeks common ground on religion, public life
By Gene Policinski First Amendment Center contributed to joint statement produced by Wake Forest divinity school.   01.13.10

Blog: On campaign finance, there's no doubting Thomas
By David L. Hudson Jr. Justices may be struggling with Citizens United v. FEC, but we know where Justice Clarence Thomas stands.   01.12.10

Blog: Students lose with high court's denial
By David L. Hudson Jr. Refusal to take Texas T-shirt case is blow to student expression.   01.11.10

Blog: Heckling, name-taking fly in face of protest, petition
By Gene Policinski Town-hall shout-downs, government snooping for 'fishy' info serve to drown out our First Amendment freedoms.   08.12.09

Blog: Newspapers in peril? Hold the obituaries
By Gene Policinski While industry may be down, newspapers — and journalism they practice — are likely to be around for a long time.   05.14.09

Blog: Judith Krug, Banned Books Week founder, dies
By Gene Policinski Krug, who was a director at the American Library Association for more than 40 years, will be remembered as a tough, resilient First Amendment advocate.   04.13.09

Blog: Putting Jefferson's beliefs about newspapers to the test
By Gene Policinski Would high value president placed on free press survive current industry challenges?   04.07.09

Blog: Multimedia event explores Facebook rules
By Gene Policinski and Lance Conzett User rights on social-networking sites examined at Belmont University event, which students covered using a panoply of online media.   03.20.09

Blog: Is Obama poster a ripoff of AP photo, or fair use?
By Gene Policinski Legal dispute involving Associated Press photograph involves question of how artists can use images they find online.   02.27.09

Blog: Chimp cartoon illustrates First Amendment at work
By Gene Policinski Amendment protects expression of those whose words — or images — repel or please American sensibilities.   02.25.09

It's Seuss-and-desist at Lou-ville Who-ville
By Gene Policinski Who-ville was a Dr. Seuss kids' Christmas spot, until a lawyer's letter said NOT.   12.03.08

Basic rights aren't up for a vote
By Gene Policinski Those who think gay students can be silenced because town disapproves should recall Jefferson's 'tyranny of the majority.'   08.27.08

Print-video-Web combos making for healthy journalism
By Gene Policinski Scripps award judging shows daily journalism is using 'all tech' to cover crucial news in new ways. Also: Montclair State update.    02.29.08

A campus newspaper reaches out
By Gene Policinski University of South Dakota's Volante undertakes effort to diversify staff, news sources.   02.08.08

Martin Luther King Day reminds us of First Amendment values
By Gene Policinski Civil rights movement enlisted all five freedoms in a quest for justice. Plus: Two new commentaries.   01.18.08

Panel illuminates post-9/11 threats to press freedom
By Gene Policinski American University broadcast program offers good insights into government efforts to block news about some national-security topics.   10.30.07

Bowled over by toilet tirade ...
By Gene Policinski Really — a disorderly conduct charge for cursing at an overflowing commode in your own home? Also: journalist shield, fantasy baseball.   10.18.07

News racks: more important than you might think
By Gene Policinski Nashville mayor vetoes a restraint on press freedom. Also: Reflections on Jerry Falwell, Larry Flynt and free speech.   05.17.07

Remembering Halberstam, role of press in civil rights struggle
By Gene Policinski Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author talked about importance of news media on 'Speaking Freely.'    04.27.07

From Jackie Robinson to Don Imus
By Gene Policinski Comparing what shock-jock said this year with what first black Major League Baseball player heard in 1947.   04.20.07

Now-freed Josh Wolf went to jail ... why?
By Gene Policinski Significance of the video he refused to give up to California grand jury investigating riot: zero to none.   04.04.07

Tragic stories challenge press credibility
By Gene Policinski Support for a free press declines every time there's a sensational overload or a major misstep on a big story.   10.10.06

Video, RSS feeds, podcasts
Video, RSS and podcast offerings on the First Amendment Center Online.   10.05.06

Teens: good news, bad news on First Amendment
By Gene Policinski Knight Foundation study finds more learning about our first freedoms, mixed bag as to respect for them.   09.22.06

Constitution Day: Celebrate with a quiz
By Gene Policinski As we honor the freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights, take this survey to test your First Amendment knowledge against your fellow Americans'.   09.15.06

5 years later, we must reflect on our freedoms
By Gene Policinski How we respond to those 3,000 tragic deaths, and to our soul-searching about fundamental liberties, will be nation’s legacy from Sept. 11, 2001.   09.11.06

Censorship in the name of decency?
By Gene Policinski As some CBS affiliates hesitate to air a 9/11 documentary because of firefighters' foul language, we must ask should we block free and open discussion because the reality of that day's events may offend some?   09.05.06

Good news in judge's fantasy-league ruling
By Gene Policinski Decision that Major League Baseball, players don't 'own' stats or names endorses free flow of information.   08.11.06

Trolling for the new and noteworthy
By Gene Policinski Updates look at recent Supreme Court rulings, video games, and prospects for a journalist shield law.   07.31.06

Blog 1: Welcome and watch
First Amendment Center Executive Director Gene Policinski introduces his new blog that will watch all things First Amendment.   06.30.06

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