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'Surge in secrecy: Democracy’s incremental disaster'
Speech by Paul K. McMasters at National FOI Day Conference, March 16, 2007.   03.27.07

Fear spoils freedom’s promise
By Paul K. McMasters It guarantees us our freedom to speak and pursue our dreams; will we betray it by trying to silence each other?   12.15.06

The news media meltdown
By Paul K. McMasters Will the bad news stalking the mainstream press wind up killing the messenger?   12.03.06

Too much sex or too much law?
By Paul K. McMasters Protecting kids from porn and smut — without criminalizing protected speech — can be a complicated legal business.   11.19.06

The news by official decree
By Paul K. McMasters Federal government seems to have declared itself the primary authority governing what you need to know.   11.05.06