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Mass. high court offers cover for anonymous sources
By Douglas Lee Justices side with newspaper that invoked fair-report privilege to protect information attributed to confidential source.   01.20.10

Free-speech advocates cheer dismissal of Dixie Chicks case
By Douglas Lee First Amendment backers had eyed case with concern in light of recent willingness of some judges, juries to punish fair and accurate reporting of public records.   12.15.09

W.Va. high court overlooks context in keeping e-mails private
By Douglas Lee In deciding ex-chief justice's messages weren't public records, court should have examined whom he sent e-mails to and whether they compromised his ability to perform his duties.   11.24.09

Federal judge apologizes for 'erroneously' allowing cameras in court
By Douglas Lee Although Illinois jurist's misstep drew admonishment from 7th Circuit, it might also become Exhibit A in the effort to open federal courtrooms to electronic coverage.   10.20.09

4th Circuit affirms protection for repulsive speech
By Douglas Lee In troubling funeral-protest case, family‚Äôs pain cannot trump hysterical Westboro Baptist Church protester's First Amendment freedoms.   09.30.09