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Ashcroft v. ACLU (doc. #: 00-1293) (2002)  [Findlaw]
First Amendment claim denied, but remanded for consideration of other First Amendment issues

Secondary Link Ashcroft v. ACLU  [Legal Information Institute]
Argument Date 11/28/2001
Decided 05/13/2002
Supreme Court Vote 8-1
Note Certiorari was granted last term under the name of Reno v. ACLU
Supreme Court Ruling First Amendment claim denied.
IssueWhether the "harmful to minors provisions" of the Child Online Protection Act violate the First Amendment.
Case Summary & Additional Resources
Majority Opinion Thomas, J. (announced the judgment of the Court & delivered the opinion of the Court with respect to Parts I, II & IV)
Concurring Opinion Kennedy, J. (concurring in judgment), & O'Connor (concurring in part & concurring in judgment), & Breyer, J. (concurring in part & concurring in judgment)
Dissenting Opinion Stevens, J.
Certiorari Granted 05/21/2001
Lower Court 3rd Circuit
Lower Court Ruling First Amendment claim sustained, District Court order re preliminary injunction is affirmed.
Oral Arguments Oral Arguments - Transcript
Oral Arguments" (5/13/02)  [Oyez]
audio (Oyez)  [Oyez]
For Petitioner
Solicitor General Theodore Olson

For Respondent
Ann Beeson (for ACLU)

ACLU reply brief



Joan Bertin
Marjorie Heins & Joan Bertin
merits brief

Solicitor General's Certiorari Petition

Solicitor General's Reply Brief

News Stories & Commentary
AP, "Pennsylvania's effort to block Net child porn called failure" (6/26/04)

AP, "Supreme Court partially upholds COPA"

High court to consider online porn law

Justices weigh issue of kids and online porn

Medill School of Journalism analysis

Press Release
ACLU Press Release

Panel - Lower Court
Circuit Judge Leonard Garth
Circuit Judge Richard Nygaard
Circuit Judge Theodore McKee
Jay Alan Sekulow
Tony Mauro Analysis
ACLU attorney takes all-or-nothing approach in arguing against COPA

Supreme Court provides mixed day for First Amendment

Supreme Court to examine 5 First Amendment cases

Opinion - Lower Court
ACLU v. Reno (2000)

The Freedom Forum case summary

Child Online Protection Act

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