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N.Y. town ordered to set up menorah
Poughkeepsie officials had cited church-state concerns in refusing to allow privately owned religious symbol to be erected at traditional spot along Main Street.   12.04.07

Nativity scene returns to elementary school play
After protests from Christians last year, Mustang, Okla., superintendent organized task force that created religious-liberty policy.   12.25.05

To save Christmas, separate Christ from commerce
By Charles C. Haynes First Amendment may keep government from promoting the sacred Christmas, but it doesn’t prevent society from appropriating it for secular ends.   12.25.05

The war over Christmas: Who’s fighting and why?
By Charles C. Haynes This year the Christmas crusaders appear to be winning: Holiday is out, Christmas is in.   12.11.05

Christmas controversies crop up coast-to-coast
From holiday greetings to 'giving trees' — December holidays inspire debate from D.C. to Washington state.   12.09.05

2 Florida cities sued for rejecting Nativity scene
Federal lawsuit alleges Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach violated First Amendment by banning crèche from public park but allowing Menorah, Christmas tree.   12.08.05

Falwell urges followers to defend Christmas from 'grinches'
'Many officials erroneously believe it's unconstitutional to celebrate Christmas,' says Liberty Counsel president.    12.01.05

Merry fill-in-the-blank: fighting over the December dilemma
By Charles C. Haynes From Maine to California, Americans are arguing more than ever about how to celebrate the season of 'peace on earth, goodwill toward men.'   12.19.04

December dilemma: What should schools do about Christmas?
By Charles C. Haynes Celebrating Christmas as a nonreligious pop-culture extravaganza is a doomed strategy.   11.16.03

A Parent's Guide to Religion in the Public Schools

A Teacher's Guide to Religion in the Public Schools

Religious holidays

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