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Federal judge won't halt classroom recitation of Texas Pledge

By The Associates Press

DALLAS — A federal district judge yesterday denied a request for a preliminary injunction sought by a North Texas couple who objected to the words “one state under God” being added to the state pledge of allegiance and wanted to stop it from being recited in schools.

The judge said in a one-page ruling denying the motion that David and Shannon Croft “failed to show they will suffer irreparable injury if the injunction is not granted.”

“With today’s ruling, a federal judge denied the plaintiffs’ attempt to prevent Texas schoolchildren from pledging their allegiance to ‘one state under God,’” Attorney General Greg Abbott said in a news release. “The United States Supreme Court has repeatedly held patriotic acknowledgments of the Almighty such as these are completely consistent with the U.S. Constitution.”

Earlier this month, the two filed a lawsuit contending that the Texas pledge violates the First Amendment. They filed the lawsuit on behalf of their children, who attend school in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch school district.

This spring, the state Legislature added the words “one state under God” to the Texas pledge. According to a news release from Abbott’s office, the voluntary, teacher-led recitation of the Texas pledge usually follows the U.S. pledge of allegiance in classrooms.

A call to the Croft residence was not returned in time for this story.

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