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  Muslim group files complaint over Calif. mayor's remarks
  Council on American-Islamic Relations claims R. Rex Parris violated civil rights of non-Christians when he said Lancaster was 'growing a Christian community.'     02.08.10
  Federal judge dismisses suit filed by Tony Alamo followers
  Members claimed Arkansas state agency infringed on their religious rights when it seized children from their compound.     02.07.10
  Ore. faith-healers convicted in teen son's death
  Neil Beagley, 16, died of complications from congenital urinary blockage that doctors said could have been treated.     02.03.10
  Ill. inmate can pursue religious-liberty lawsuit over pat-down
  By David L. Hudson Jr. However, federal judge rejects Yaphet K. Jamal's sexual-harassment claim.     02.02.10
  Tenn. board approves Bible-class guidelines
  State officials say they tried to develop principles that are safe from legal challenge, but some say state-approved course could violate church-state separation.     02.01.10
  Prayer before N.C. meetings ruled unconstitutional
  Federal judge requires county board to stop religious invocations to open its meetings.     01.29.10
  Wis. inmate can't play Dungeons & Dragons behind bars
  7th Circuit panel rejects Kevin T. Singer's claims that prison ban on role-playing game, materials violated his free-speech, due-process rights.     01.26.10
  Alaska court rejects religious defense in drug case
  Appeals panel majority agrees with trial court judge, finding couple's religious beliefs about marijuana were insincere.     01.25.10
  U.S. drops ban on 2 Muslim scholars
  Tariq Ramadan, Adam Habib can reapply to travel to United States now that State Department has concluded they pose no danger to country.     01.24.10
  Defense contractor to take Bible references off gun sights
  Critics had raised concerns that including Scripture citations on combat rifle sights violated U.S. government rule that bars proselytizing by American troops in Afghanistan, Iraq.     01.22.10
  Mich. defense contractor has God in its sights
  Military officials say they will investigate whether company violated federal procurement rules by stamping references to Bible verses on combat rifle sights used by American forces.     01.20.10
  Pa. appeals court: State can regulate religious child-care center
  Judges find Catholic day care's case short on specifics and church didn't establish that regulations would interfere with its free exercise of religion.     01.16.10
  Divided 6th Circuit OKs Ky. Ten Commandments display
  Dissenting judge says Grayson County's 'asserted purpose here — that the Display was posted for educational or historical reasons — is a sham and should be rejected.'     01.15.10
  Anti-Muslim images are protected speech, Minn. officials say
  Two county prosecutors say they won't file charges against man who admitted posting images near mosque, Somali-owned store, but St. Cloud city attorney says his office is still analyzing case.     01.10.10
  Court dismisses atheist soldier's suit against Pentagon
  Federal judge says Army Spc. Dustin Chalker failed to exhaust all other alternatives before he and Military Religious Freedom Foundation filed lawsuit.     01.08.10
  Tenn. school district agrees to end Bible distribution
  ACLU had threatened to sue Wilson County officials after Gideons International gave away Bibles at elementary school last fall.     01.06.10
  Feds side with American Indians in Cape Cod wind-farm case
  Mashpee, Aquinnah Wampanoag tribes say special designation for Nantucket Sound is needed to preserve tribes' sacred rituals.     01.05.10
  Conn. school drops graduation planned for church
  Threatened lawsuit prompts change of venue from cathedral to convention center.     01.03.10
  Calif. county rescinds ornament ban after outcry
  Man whose complaint sparked prohibition against stars, angels on Christmas trees in Sonoma County buildings calls reversal 'slap in the face.'     12.30.09

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