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  ‘Hillary movie’ case: courtroom drama (analysis)
  By Tony Mauro What's at stake as Court re-hears key campaign-finance case.
  • Sotomayor effect?     09.04.09
      Sotomayor & Citizens United: so many possibilities ... same result (analysis)
      By Ronald K.L. Collins High court highly likely to back free-speech claim in 'Hillary movie' case, but new justice's participation will be interesting.     09.04.09
      Dueling bus ads about God advance free speech (commentary)
      By Charles C. Haynes It does God no favors when government takes sides in religion, allowing churches to advertise on buses while censoring atheist groups out of fear of offending people.     08.30.09
      In a state notorious for secrecy, court offers pleasant surprise (commentary)
      By Douglas Lee Illinois appellate judges agree state freedom-of-information law requires disclosure of records about public employee's job performance.     08.25.09
      Citizens United attracts many 'friends' (analysis)
      By Adam Ezra Schulman High court will have to sift through 53 amicus briefs in campaign-finance case.     08.24.09
      A rapper, a blogger and ‘true threats’ (commentary)
      By Gene Policinski When does saying someone deserves to be killed cross the First Amendment line between harsh speech and actual threat?     08.23.09
      Revising history: What happens in Texas won’t stay in Texas (commentary)
      By Charles C. Haynes As battle looms over influential state social studies curriculum, let's hope schools end up teaching about religion — neither ignoring nor promoting it.     08.16.09
      Blog: Heckling, name-taking fly in face of protest, petition (commentary)
      By Gene Policinski Town-hall shout-downs, government snooping for 'fishy' info serve to drown out our First Amendment freedoms.     08.12.09
      Curses! Blasphemy, profanity laws still on the books (analysis)
      By David L. Hudson Jr. Some states still enforce codes against cursing, swearing in public.     08.11.09
      Spitzer wiretap materials off-limits to N.Y. Times (analysis)
      By David L. Hudson Jr. Federal wiretap law focus on confidentiality, privacy trumps presumption of disclosure, 2nd Circuit panel rules in prostitution case.     08.10.09
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