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  Cameras in Court may get boost (analysis)
  By Tony Mauro Nominee says that if confirmed, she'd wait for right time to discuss issue with colleagues.
  • First Amendment record     07.16.09
      Insider dinners with news outlets leave the public hungry (commentary)
      By Gene Policinski Closed-door sessions with no public involvement, reporting or outcome seem a poor approach to allaying distrust of news media.     07.12.09
      Animal-cruelty videos & free speech: some observations from data (analysis)
      By Adam Ezra Schulman Government says it needs to ban animal-fighting depictions to help prosecute cruelty, but do the facts support that view?     07.09.09
      Few First Amendment cases this term, but ... (analysis)
      By Tony Mauro Significant disputes involving campaign finance, religious displays and animal cruelty depictions slated for fall.     07.06.09
      Putting Sikhs to the ‘cruel choice’ (commentary)
      By Charles C. Haynes Accommodating some religious practices would help people of this religious faith participate fully in American life.     07.05.09
      11th Circuit wrestled with rights of press, publicity (commentary)
      By Douglas Lee Ease with which un-newsworthy becomes newsworthy is just one problem with body of law tackled by court in Nancy Benoit case.     07.01.09
      Delay in 'Hillary' case scares campaign reformists (analysis)
      By Tony Mauro Others would welcome allowing corporations to contribute directly to campaigns. Plus Souter symposium     06.30.09
      Blog: when the majority writes the rules (commentary)
      By Charles C. Haynes Schools can't accommodate all religious needs, but one administrator shows how easily some arrangements can be made.     06.26.09
      Justice Souter: man of few words, including 'no' (commentary)
      By Gene Policinski Retiring justice maintained that cameras in courtrooms affected judges' behavior.     06.25.09
      Justice Souter's First Amendment legacy: not absolutist (analysis)
      By Tony Mauro Reclusive jurist backed church-state separation, but virtually ignored free-speech implications of limiting campaign contributions.     06.25.09
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