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  Standing up for your rights by sitting down (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski Arkansas fifth-grader's stance on Pledge proves why we should be grateful to have First Amendment.     11.25.09
  3rd Circuit backs school district's policy limiting religious music (analysis)
  By David L. Hudson Jr. Judges reject father's establishment-clause, free-speech claims against New Jersey school district.     11.25.09
  W.Va. high court overlooks context in keeping e-mails private (commentary)
  By Douglas Lee In deciding ex-chief justice's messages weren't public records, court should have examined whom he sent e-mails to and whether they compromised his ability to perform his duties.     11.24.09
  School officials should remember lessons of Tinker (commentary)
  By David L. Hudson Jr. Current New Jersey lawsuit recalls famous ruling and principle that students don't shed their rights at schoolhouse gate.     11.23.09
  Why gay-marriage friends, foes need one another (commentary)
  By Charles C. Haynes Two recent church-state encounters show that advocates in both camps could support related policies that each side wants.     11.22.09
  Investigating Medill ‘Innocence Project’ could chill students’ reporting (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski Chicago prosecutors looking into how college journalists gathered info on man convicted in killing might spend their time better inquiring into whether the man was really guilty.     11.15.09
  In public schools, get religion right before the fight (commentary)
  By Charles C. Haynes It’s hard to imagine how anyone could walk by a wall of 80 student posters about the environment, see an unlabeled kneeling figure on one child’s poster, and conclude that the school was somehow promoting or endorsing religion.     11.08.09
  First Amendment doesn’t shield us from private infringements (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski Protections for religious liberty and free expression apply only when government actions are involved.     11.01.09
  7th Circuit: Group can't display pamphlets at Ill. state park (analysis)
  By David L. Hudson Jr. Panel rejects challenge from preservation group, saying lawyers 'treated us to a barrage of unhelpful First Amendment jargon.'     10.28.09
  Say what you want, hate-crimes bill protects free speech (commentary)
  By Charles C. Haynes Legislation poised for final approval would not criminalize sermons against homosexuality, as some fear.     10.25.09
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