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Nebraska gay-marriage ruling vastly expands rights
By Douglas Lee Federal district judge's reasoning that restricting same-sex marriage violates First Amendment association, petition rights of those who would lobby for it, however, may not withstand almost-certain appeal.   07.12.05

Hosty ruling on college press leaves heads scratching
By Douglas Lee Full 7th Circuit's confusing approach to campus-newspaper case leaves uncertain legacy.   06.29.05

3rd Circuit ruling upholds news media
By Douglas Lee Court affirms press can't be held liable for publishing true information, lawfully obtained, even if it involves a minor.   05.04.05

World watching Michael Jackson trial: How much will it see?
By Douglas Lee Judge Melville has kept press shackled so far; ultimate loser is the public, which needs to know how well justice is working.   01.31.05

2 state court rulings squash right to know
By Douglas Lee Pennsylvania Supreme Court limits news media‚Äôs ability to report matters that might be false, defamatory.   11.16.04

Unlikely hero emerges in struggle for courtroom access
By Douglas Lee Case of Scott Huminski, who was armed with only the First Amendment, helps clarify right to attend civil court proceedings.   10.19.04