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Breaking the Law for Health Care

IPS Director John Cavanagh, joined dozens of leaders of unions and other public interest organizations and thousands of others to protest the major lobby that is blocking real health care reform in Congress. They rallied and marched to a Washington hotel where America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), which represents all the corporate heavies in the health industry, was plotting their next steps.

Call your senator today and tell him or her that you've had enough. It's not too late to demand the public option: 41 senators publicly support passing it through a simple majority reconciliation process.

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World Beat
Music is Still the Weapon
March 16 - Hope isn't lost for those who believe that art can transform our world. By John Feffer

Church in Our Times: Spirit and Security in the Face of Reality
March 12 - People are forming groups where they can face the reality that we are not going back to a growth economy, that our earth is truly imperiled, and that we must create the new world now. By Andrée Zaleska

World Beat
Time-Lapse Foreign Policy
March 9 - There are some aspects of our tech-powered reality where we should be pressing "pause" instead of "fast-forward." By John Feffer

DoD: The Biggest Corporation of All
March 8 - We're in a recession. So why is Obama declaring the Pentagon budget "untouchable"? By Saul Landau and Nelson Valdes, published in The Daily Censored

Africa: C
March 5 - The president is using carrots and sticks in Africa, but he might have gotten the two mixed up. By Tope Folarin


Memo to U.S.: Only Fools Rush In
March 22 - If negotiators aren't careful, a U.S.-China investment treaty could prove as explosive as currency manipulation or climate change. By Sarah Anderson, published in The Guardian

Sweatshops Won't Save Haiti
March 15 - The UN donors' conference is an opportunity to help Haitians rebuild in a manner that respects their humanity and enables them to become more productive. By Tope Folarin, published in Common Dreams and Truthout and The Register Citizen (Torrington, CT)

Why I'm Breaking the Law for Health Care
March 9 - We're standing up to insurance companies and demanding the reform our country so desperately needs. By John Cavanagh, published in The Huffington Post

Utah v. Women
March 8 - We must insist that legislators focus on ensuring that every child in the nation is loved and wanted. By Tamar Abrams, published in The Pocono Record and The Register Citizen (Torrington, CT)

Avatar's History Lesson
March 4 - The blockbuster film's storyline is far from original. By Sanho Tree, published in Common Dreams and The Vernon County Broadcaster


Strange Snow Patterns Consistent with Climate Change
February 28 - Think the freak snowstorms disproved climate change science? Think again. By Janet Redman, published in The Register Citizen (Torrington, CT)

Nukes Aren't the Answer
February 17 - The Obama administration is making no moves to answer the call for a new energy future. By Robert Alvarez, published in Common Dreams

The U.S. Department of Energy's FY 2011 Budget Request
February 12 - A closer look at what Obama's energy priorities really are for the next fiscal year. By Robert Alvarez

Is Our Democracy Becoming a Joke?
February 11 - The fate of our planet is no laughing matter. By Daphne Wysham

A Really Inconvenient Truth
February 5 - Al Gore didn't even touch upon what the world needs to do to avert a global warming catastrophe. By Saul Landau

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