Anwar al-Awlaki Dead: Man Connected to Major Nidal Hasan Eliminated

Anwar al-Awalaki dead. Man who is alleged to have recruited US Military Major to undertake atrocity on US Army base in Texas dead.

In a Christmas Eve present to US anti-terror officials, a key Al-Qaeda recruiter and Islamic preacher Anwar al-Awlaki is believed killed, along with many other Senior Al-Qaeda members, in an air strike in Yemen.

Anwar al-Awalaki came to wide spread media attention after being linked to US Army Major Nidal Hasan, who is charged with 32 counts of murder, after his alleged killing spree at the Fort Hood military base in Texas 2009.

38-year-old US born Anwar al-Awalaki is thought to have been in email contact with Major Hasan before his apparent shooting spree massacre at Fort Hood. The Ford Hood tragedy is essentially a terrorist attack, however US officials have refrained from calling it such, likely in an attempt to stifle enemy propaganda gains.

The Reuters news agency spoke to an unnamed Yemeni official who said: "Anwar al Awlaki is suspected to be dead (in the air raid)."

Earlier reports by media said some 34 "Al-Qaeda members" were killed in the air strike by Yemeni forces in the mountains of Shabwa province.

The New York Times said earlier this week that US President Barack Obama had approved firepower, intelligence and other support for Yemen's efforts against Al-Qaeda leaders and militants in Yemen.

CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 story, "Home Grown Hate":


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