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17:36 | 2010-04-13

Foriegn Policy

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President Stresses Iran, Algeria's Capacity to Create New World Order

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for Iran-Algeria cooperation to form a new world order based on a humane outlook.

Speaking in a meeting with Algeria's visiting Minister of Religious Affairs Bouabdellah Ghlamallah here in Tehran on Tuesday, Ahmadinejad pointed to the start of a new era of humanity in the world, and added, "The two nations and governments of Iran and Algeria have a significant and common responsibility in this new era."

"The first responsibility" Ahmadinejad said "is to clarify and compile our cultural values and introduce them to the world."

"And the second task is to have active participation in forming the new world," President Ahmadinejad went on saying.

Ahmadinejad further pointed out that the two countries enjoy the needed cultural capacities and background for defining a new world order and management.

"Those responsible for the misfortune of humanity should not be allowed to once again gain control over global relations," the Iranian President reiterated.

During the meeting, Ghlamallah reminded Iran-Algeria deep and brotherly ties, and called for the expansion of mutual cooperation in different fields.

"Your Excellency is considered as a great leader from a vast country and the Algerian nation always follow your stances and speeches and support them," the Algerian minister said to the Iranian President.