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15:46 | 2010-04-06


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Pakistani Politician Stresses Significance of Iran's Electricity Offer

TEHRAN (FNA)- Information Secretary of Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Fauzia Wahab underlined the importance of Iran's offer for supplying the energy-hungry state with electricity.

"Pakistan is facing several problems, including shortage of energy supply. Wrong policies by the former government are the root cause of all these problems and we are trying to remove these problems," Wahab said in an exclusive interview with FNA in Islamabad on Tuesday.

"The offer made by Iran to supply Pakistan with electricity is very important, because Pakistan is facing the serious problem of the shortage of energy," he added.

He also dismissed the remarks by some critics that the Pakistani ruling party is complying with the United States' wrong policies.

"We will not follow the policies of any alien government," Wahab added.

The comments by the PPP information secretary came a day after Secretary General of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML) Senator Mushahid Hossein in an exclusive interview with FNA criticized Islamabad's policies, and said the Pakistani government is obeying Washington's policies.

Reminding Iran's willingness to cooperate with Pakistan in different fields, specially in area of power supply, the senator criticized the Pakistani statesmen for the slow growth in boosting ties and cooperation with Iran, and blamed Islamabad's reluctance in accelerating cooperation with Tehran on the Pakistani statesmen's lust for power.

"Our statesmen ignore the special occasions which have arisen and they are just seeking to come to power with the aid of the Americans."

He further underlined that Pakistan would experience progress and development if only it prevents US meddling and influence on the country.