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17:14 | 2010-03-10


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General Hamid Gol Describes US as "Axis of Evil" in Region

TEHRAN (FNA)- Former Director of Pakistan's Military Intelligence Organization General Hamid Gol described the United States as "the axis of evil", reiterating that Washington's policies have led to insecurity in the region.

"The US policies have gifted insecurity to many countries and the world will witness the same events (insecurities) in the US in the near future," Gol told FNA on Wednesday.

He also accused the Pakistani government of playing a key role in the materialization of the US policies in region, and said that the aids Pakistan receives from the US are the price of "the bloods of millions of Muslim people".

The General further slammed certain regional countries for their blind obedience to the US policies, and said, " Barack Obama's policies are in line with George Bush's policies and we imitate them without knowing if these policies are useful to us or not."

Also in an earlier interview with FNA last week, General Hamid Gol had blamed the US for creating and training different extremist and terrorist groups in the region, saying Washington is seeking to destabilize the region, specially Iran, through the measure.

"The US intelligence agencies pursued just one goal by forming Rigi's group which was provoking unrests and instability in Iran," Gol said at the time.

Referring to the plots and attempts of the US and its European allies against Iran, he reiterated that the very aim of them is to weaken Iran's independence and impair the relations between Tehran and Islamabad.

Gol also advised the Pakistani government to elude the plots hatched by the US for dominating and infiltrating the region.