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16:15 | 2010-02-16


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Police Kill Al-Qaeda's Number One in Northern Iraq

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iraqi police's special forces killed the commander of the al-Qaeda terrorist group in northern Iraq during heavy armed clashes in Mosul province.

According to a statement issued by Mosul Police Headquarters on Tuesday, Bashar Abd al-Hakim, al-Qaeda's number one in northern Iraq, was killed in an operation carried out by the police anti-terrorism task forces and after heavy clashes.

The statement added that the police forces have succeeded in detaining Abd al-Hakim's senior aide.

The development came three days after the leader of the al-Qaeda network in Iraq threatened to attack the country's parliamentary elections slated for March 7.

"We decided to prevent the elections by all possible and legitimate means, primarily, the military means," Abu Omar al- Baghdadi, the leader of the self-styled Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) , said in his statement posted on the internet.

Iraq officially launched the campaign for its elections on Friday, while hundreds of pictures and posters of candidates were seen posted on streets in Baghdad and major cities across the country. The campaign is expected to last until March 6.

Iraq is scheduled to hold parliamentary elections on March 7. Official figures said that around 19 million eligible people, including 1.4 million living abroad in 16 countries, will take part in the elections to elect 325 lawmakers out of over 6000 candidates for the upcoming parliament.