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15:54 | 2010-04-10


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Iran Unveils New N. Achievements

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran unveiled the country's new advances in the field of peaceful nuclear technology at a ceremony held in Tehran on Friday marking the National Day of Nuclear Technology.

Speaking at the ceremony, Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi announced that Iranian scientists have managed to design first sample of the third generation of home-made centrifuges.

"Our skillful colleagues at the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran have also succeeded in designing third-generation machines thanks to God," Salehi stated.

"The (third-generation) machines have accomplished their mechanical tests. We expect that God willing the machines would show the separation capacity of approximately 10 after upcoming gas injection phase," the official stresses.

"That capacity is almost 6 times more that the separation capacity in the first generation machines," Salehi went on saying.

He further announced that uranium enrichment process to the purity of below 5% is underway in Iran using the first generation of centrifuges that have the separation capacity of 1.8.

Commenting upon the second generation of home-made centrifuges, Salehi stressed that the machines have already been manufactured and tested successfully, and said IR2 centrifuges have the separation capacity of 5, three time more that the first generation.

Regarding the production of fuel needed for the Tehran research reactor, the AEOI head noted that the infrastructures needed for the fuel complex are already in place and Iran is working on preparation programs to build a fuel complex for the Tehran research reactor.

Salehi added that President Ahmadinejad is due to unveil first sample of virtual fuel produced by Iran for the reactor in the near future.