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15:23 | 2010-04-12


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Iranian Poet Stresses Importance of Int'l Poetry Confab in Tehran

TEHRAN (FNA)- The 1st Conference on Poets of Iran and the World due to be held in Tehran is of great importance as it can introduce Persian literature to the world, an Iranian poet said.

"We have to take serious measures on the sidelines of such conferences in order to introduce the Persian literature to the world," Mahmoud Ekramifar said.

Ekramifar also described such international confabs and their global results of great importance, and highlighted the significance of media publishing news in international language like English.

"The world is not having a precise and correct vision of the Persian literature. Foreigners' knowledge of the Persian language is limited to translated books and articles. This is counted as a weak point for us," he added.

Ekramifar, who served as the second secretary of the 2nd Fajr Poetry
Festival, reiterated that the Poet Conference must not be concluded in two or three editions.

"Papered and electronic media inside Iran are not enough for our great goal. We must use foreign media and go beyond the national level. We must enter international levels," he said.

"Face to face events like this conference can be very effective and can help to the spread of Iran's message across the world," Ekramifar said.

The conference is scheduled to be held in Tehran and cities of Persian literature, Isfahan and Shiraz, on April 17-21.

The Conference is considered as a good opportunity to introduce Iranian poets and Persian poetry to the world. Precise planning has been initiated to lobby and launch useful links across the globe in cultural arenas.

51 foreign poets from various countries, including Iran, Albania, Armenia, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Peru, Tajikistan, China, Russia, Romania, Sri Lanka, Denmark, the Netherlands, Oman, Jordan, Indonesia, Uruguay, Turkey, Sudan, Syria, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Kalmykia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Kenya, Lebanon, India and Greece are due to attend the international event.