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Arkansas judge strikes down gay adoption ban

[JURIST] An Arkansas judge ruled [opinion, PDF] Friday that a state law prohibiting all unmarried couples from adopting or fostering children violates the Arkansas Constitution [text, PDF]. Critics claimed that the Arkansas Adoption and Foster Care Act of 2008 [ACLU... [full story]

Former Blackwater executives indicted on weapons charges

[JURIST] A federal grand jury on Friday indicted five former Blackwater executives on charges of weapons violations and lying to criminal investigators. The 15-count indictment charges five former executives, including former president Gary Jackson.... [more]
SEC charges Goldman Sachs with securities fraud
2:17 PM ET
CIA documents reveal possible cover-up of interrogation video destruction
2:14 PM ET
Federal judge orders cleric to leave country for lying to FBI about New York subway plot
1:16 PM ET
Federal judge rules National Day of Prayer unconstitutional
1:02 PM ET

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Bangladesh court convicts 57 more over border guard mutiny
12:50 PM ET
Germany considering legal action against Goldman Sachs: report
10:29 AM ET
Kyrgyzstan interim government to try ousted president
9:53 AM ET
Russia lower house approves WWII amnesty law
6:00 PM ET
Convicted Bosnian war criminal dies while awaiting appeal
3:22 PM ET
UN rights chief denounces Hamas executions
1:29 PM ET
Germany court convicts UK bishop for Holocaust denial
1:20 PM ET
Son of deposed Kyrgyzstan president facing abuse of power charges
11:57 AM ET
Germany court rules former East Germany citizens not unique ethnic group
11:56 AM ET
UN commission report blames Pakistan officials for Bhutto assassination
9:48 AM ET

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Not Child's Play: Revisiting the Law of Child Soldiers

Lt. Col. Chris Jenks
US Army

The US-Israel Standoff over Settlements

Victor Kattan
University of London

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Continued support for capital punishment leaves US on wrong side of history4/16
Elizabeth Zitrin [International Outreach and Communications Coordinator, Death Penalty Focus]: "The United States of America, proud of its commitment to fairness and justice, is being left behind on one of the most important international human rights issues of our age. We are way behind the curve. Surpassed in human rights by, most recently, Togo and Burundi. The US has a worse record on the ...." [more]
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LEBANON: Women's Citizenship and Nationality Rights3/24
Megan McKee, Pitt Law '12, takes a personal perspective on citizenship and women's rights in Lebanon...Sara Burhan Abdullah's recent JURIST Dateline article on women's rights and citizenship in Iraq reminded me of a similar predicament faced by Lebanese women. In Iraqi law, as in Lebanese law, citizenship may only be inherited through men, both in marriage and in the transference of citizenship ...." [more]
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Non-compete Clauses Unenforceable in India4/02
JURIST Guest Columnists Valerie Demont and Janaki Rege Catanzarite of Pepper Hamilton LLP discuss the futility of non-compete clauses in India, contending that Indian courts remain sensitive to the possibility that employers may try to use restrictive covenants as a back-door means of restraining employees from exercising their trade and will place an extremely high burden of proof on employers ...." [more]
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The Lisbon Treaty1/25
JURIST Guest Analyst Andreas R. Ziegler is the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law and Criminal Sciences and a Professor of Law at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. He was a Visiting Professor at University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 2009. His papers are available on SSRN. On 1 December 2009, the Lisbon Treaty ...." [more]
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Sirhan convicted of assassinating RFK

On April 17, 1969, Sirhan Sirhan was convicted of assassinating Senator Robert F. Kennedy and sentenced to death. The sentence was later commuted to life in prison after the Supreme Court of California overturned the death penalty in the state....." [more]
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Health care reform bill [US House] 
Financial stability bill [US Senate Banking Comm.] 
Autism vaccine link rulings [US Fed Ct Claims] 
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Development of the Right to Privacy [ACS] 
Problems with Modern Criminal Law [Cato Institute] 

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