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Balancing Act: Public Employees and Free Speech
By David L. Hudson Jr.
First Amendment scholar

First Report by David L. Hudson Jr. on public employees' free-speech rights.

A fully formatted Adobe Acrobat PDF file of the printed report can be downloaded here.

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Discouraging words: the war on information
By Paul K. McMasters Ironically, while administration officials suppress and punish criticism by government employees, they expand the boundaries of their own speech. 02.26.06

High court to rehear whistleblower case
It appears Justice Samuel Alito will have to break tie; no new argument date set. 02.17.06

Law, retaliation doom whistleblowers, panelists say
By Nikki Troia Government employees who bring waste, fraud, abuse to light risk retaliation, career suicide, say whistleblowers who've been there. 03.17.06

Maryland police chief fights to write sniper book
Charles Moose claims county is muzzling him by blocking book, but ethics commission says that if chief profited from his job he would undercut public trust in government. 04.20.03

Miss. firefighters told to substantiate complaints made to news media
Union head calls letter, which ordered those who complained about Jackson Fire Department to produce documentation or face disciplinary action, 'a classic union-busting technique.' 08.14.06

Supreme Court hears whistleblower suit
Bush administration seeks ruling that would make it harder for government employees to win lawsuits claiming retaliation. 10.12.05

Teacher attire becoming touchy topic
In some districts, teachers can get dressed down for dressing down, wearing T-shirts, see-through blouses, flip-flops and other dubious apparel. 07.05.05

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