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Woman in Barnette reflects on famous flag-salute case
By David L. Hudson Jr. Lawsuit brought by Jehovah's Witnesses led to one of the most memorable Supreme Court opinions in First Amendment history.   12.28.09

Solicitor-general nominee: impressive First Amendment resume
By David L. Hudson Jr. Harvard law dean Elena Kagan has written extensively in defense of First Amendment principles on a variety of issues.   01.08.09

Commemorating landmark free-association victory
By David L. Hudson Jr. Fifty years ago today in NAACP v. Alabama, high court issued ruling that proved vital to civil rights movement and First Amendment jurisprudence.   06.30.08

Turner v. Safley: high drama, enduring precedent
By David L. Hudson Jr. More than 20 years after Supreme Court's decision, Safley still governs as leading standard for assessing inmate free-expression claims.   05.01.08

Reflections by an academic-freedom pioneer
By David L. Hudson Jr. Forty years ago Harry Keyishian was lead plaintiff in Supreme Court case that established academic freedom as protected value.   09.26.07

Half-century later, school-prayer protester still causing stir
Ellery Schempp's 1956 act of civil disobedience is back in public eye, prompting new book on his landmark high court case and making him sought-after speaker on church-state separation.   09.03.07

Ben Elton Cox: Civil rights leader to high court litigant
By David L. Hudson Jr. Activist reflects on Supreme Court case that secured his personal freedom, helped bolster our protections for speech, assembly.   01.16.07

Teacher taught Miss. schools a free-speech lesson
By David L. Hudson Jr. Bessie Givhan's 1979 Supreme Court victory still resonates in public employee free-speech cases.   06.08.06

Plaintiff in 1962 landmark school-prayer case reflects on his role
By David L. Hudson Jr. 'I knew it was unconstitutional,' says Steven Engel of one-size-fits-all prayer in his kids' school that led to Supreme Court's Engel v. Vitale ruling.   08.26.05

Science teacher relates role in landmark evolution case
By David L. Hudson Jr. In 1960s, Susan Epperson led charge to topple Arkansas ban on teaching evolution in public school classrooms.   05.23.05

Black lawyer who defended white racist reveres Bill of Rights
By David L. Hudson Jr. Exclusive Black History Month profile features David P. Baugh, whose most famous First Amendment case involved defending Virginia cross-burner.    02.01.05

Rabbi reflects on role in military religious-freedom case
By David L. Hudson Jr. High court ruled against S. Simcha Goldman's effort to wear yarmulke, but case prompted Congress to act to protect servicemen's religious rights.    01.27.05

Bates participants reflect on landmark case
By David L. Hudson Jr. A look back at the seminal Supreme Court case that established First Amendment protection for attorney ads.   11.18.04

Lemon plaintiff, out of limelight, still tracks church-state issues
By David L. Hudson Jr. Alton Lemon reflects on his role in Lemon v. Kurtzman, 1971 Supreme Court case that created a legal test for determining whether government is too involved in religion.   05.19.04

Cathy Cowan reflects on her high school journalism fight in Hazelwood case
By David L. Hudson Jr. The former Cathy Kuhlmeier still says today, 'Public school students don’t have enough First Amendment rights.'   12.27.01

George Maynard recalls license-plate ordeal, free-speech victory
By David L. Hudson Jr. Jehovah's Witness covered up New Hampshire's 'Live Free or Die' motto in 1974; case went to U.S. Supreme Court.   11.30.01

Supreme Court said no to prior restraints on press 25 years ago
By David L. Hudson Jr. Attorney who argued Nebraska Press Association v. Stuart, other participants discuss its landmark ‘virtual ban on prior restraint against the press.’   08.28.01

NAACP's Julian Bond speaks on First Amendment and his Supreme Court triumph
By David L. Hudson Jr. First Amendment still represents key to social progress, says civil rights leader.   08.23.01

Teacher looks back on letter that led to firing — and Supreme Court victory
By David L. Hudson Jr. Marvin Pickering reflects on seminal U.S. Supreme Court case bearing his name that backed public employees’ free-speech rights.   07.20.01

Robert Sindermann speaks out about famous Supreme Court case bearing his name
By David L. Hudson Jr. 'I learned that the price of free speech is quite high,' says former professor.   07.12.01

Matthew Fraser speaks out on 15-year-old Supreme Court free-speech decision
By David L. Hudson Jr. 'The decision effectively overruled Tinker,' says Fraser.   04.17.01

Connick v. Myers: Reflections on landmark public employee free-speech case
By David L. Hudson Jr. ‘I hope I live to see it overturned,’ says litigant Sheila Myers of 18-year-old Supreme Court decision.   04.10.01

On 30-year anniversary, Tinker participants look back at landmark case
By David L. Hudson Jr. Attorney who argued case before U.S. Supreme Court says case probably would be decided differently today.   02.24.99

Attorney, pursuing First Amendment passion, defends obscenity cases
By David L. Hudson Jr. 'Censorship is like cancer; in fact, it spreads faster than cancer,' says Cincinnati attorney H. Louis Sirkin.   01.06.99

Penthouse publisher sounds off on free speech, Supreme Court
By David L. Hudson Jr. 'The First Amendment is the cornerstone of our democracy,' says Bob Guccione.   07.02.98

Larry Flynt primed to battle obscenity charges in Cincinnati
By David L. Hudson Jr. Hustler publisher hopes his trial will open up national dialogue on obscenity.   05.22.98

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