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AP, "Lawmakers chide attorney general for opposition to shield bill" 07/24/2008
AP, "Hawaii legislators pass journalist shield bill" 04/30/2008
AP, "McCain says he 'narrowly' backs shield law" 04/15/2008
AP,"Reporter's lawyers ask D.C. Circuit to reverse contempt citation" 03/31/2008
AP, "D.C. Circuit stays fines against former USA Today reporter" 03/12/2008
AP, "Reporter asks appeals court to block contempt order, fines" 03/11/2008
AP, "N.Y. Times reporter subpoenaed over sources for book" 02/04/2008
AP, "Subpoenas issued to 3 Seattle Times reporters" 12/03/2007
AP, "House votes to give journalists shield for confidential sources" 10/17/2007
AP, "Senate panel endorses shield law" 10/04/2007
AP, "Libby gets 2 ½ years in prison in CIA leak case" 06/05/2007
AP, "Libby found guilty in CIA leak case" 03/06/2007
AP, "Source steps up, lets BALCO reporters off legal hook" 02/15/2007
AP, "Court halts further disclosure of Zyprexa documents" 02/14/2007
AP, "Libby defense challenges credibility of NBC's Russert" 02/08/2007
AP, "Libby trial judge won't quash reporter subpoena" 02/06/2007
AP, "Libby lawyers pepper former Time reporter about Rove" 02/01/2007
AP, "Libby gets OK to question reporter about other sources" 01/31/2007
AP, "Va. lawmaker finds no support for reporter-trespass bill" 01/25/2007
AP, "Va. bill would allow trespass charges against reporters" 01/24/2007
AP, "Conyers to DOJ: Quit pursuit of BALCO journalists' source" 01/19/2007
AP, "Minn. prosecutors seek reporters' notes from standoff" 01/18/2007
AP, "Justice Dept. concealing report that it leaked confidential info" 01/16/2007
AP, "Pa. appeals court says reporter may protect source's identity" 01/08/2007
AP, "FBI no longer seeks documents leaked to late columnist" 01/04/2007
AP, "Journalists may testify in CIA leak case" 01/02/2007
AP, "News media seek documents in CIA leak case" 12/26/2006
AP, "FBI probes leaks to news media in corruption cases" 12/07/2006
AP, "High court refuses to stop probe of N.Y. Times phone records" 11/27/2006
AP, "Federal court to probe 'improper communications' with reporter" 11/27/2006
AP, "Ex-prosecutor demands newspaper's sources" 07/13/2006
AP, "Novak: Rove was a source for column outing CIA officer" 07/12/2006
AP, "Feds want judge to force reporters to solve Bonds leak case" 06/22/2006
AP, "Senators seek answers in probe of late columnist's records" 06/06/2006
AP, "Press's Wen Ho Lee appeals denied review" 06/05/2006
AP, "5 Organizations to pay Wen Ho Lee" 06/02/2006
AP, "Time ordered to give documents to Libby" 05/25/2006
AP, "Reporter ordered to testify in La. murder trial" 05/25/2006
AP, "Supreme Court told Wen Ho Lee case close to being settled" 05/23/2006
AP, "Libby can't be told suspected leaker's name" (2/27/06) 02/27/2006
Reuters, "Fitzgerald again seeks names of NY Times sources" 02/13/2006
AP, "Libby: White House superiors authorized leaks" 02/10/2006
AP, "Bob Novak claims president knows CIA leak source" 12/15/2005
AP, "Newspaper appeals order that reporter must testify" 12/14/2005
AP, "Time reporter: Rove may have revealed Plame's CIA status" 12/12/2005
AP, "Watergate duo argues for anonymous sources" 12/06/2005
AP, "Libby pleads not guilty in CIA leak case" 11/04/2005
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David Hudson, "Indecency regulation: beyond broadcast?" 04/17/2008
Michael B. Mukasey, "No need for a shield law," USA Today 04/17/2008
Alicia Armbruster, "Protecting reporters' privilege?" 02/07/2007
Paul McMasters, "Does it matter that the press is under siege?" 06/18/2006
Kenworthy, Bill , "Ongoing confidential-sources cases" 08/04/2005
Paul McMasters, "Leaks keep the ship of state afloat" (11-20-05)
Paul McMasters, "Bad news for good journalism" (03/26/06)

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Track shield laws, subpoenas, confidentiality cases here (3/22/2004)
Branzburg v. Hayes, reporters' privilege & circuit courts
Reporter’s Privilege: Supreme Court Cases
State shield statutes and leading cases
Ongoing confidential-sources cases
Geoffrey R. Stone, The Merits of the Proposed Journalist-Source Privilege
McKevitt v. Pallasch
339 F.3d 530 (7th Cir., 2003, per Posner, J.)
In re Grand Jury Subpoena, Judith Miller
(D.C. Cir., 2005)
Department of Justice Guidelines re Subpoenaing Media
(28 CFR §50.10)
Proposed: The Free Flow of Information Act of 2005
2004 Confidential-Sources Survey (First Amendment Center)
Reporter’s Committee for Freedom of the Press: Reporters & Federal Subpoenas
Commentary by Paul McMasters on Reporter’s Privilege
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