Search tips

SPECIAL FEATURE: Keyword search. See a pulldown list of key terms you can use to find material on the site, in addition to using the regular search engine.

  1. You can use quotation marks to define a precise phrase, such as "campaign finance" or "Ten Commandments."
  2. Search terms are not case-sensitive. Type in Rehnquist or rehnquist.
  3. Multiple-term searches. Type in library filter and the search engine will find only articles containing both words, though not necessarily appearing consecutively as a phrase.
  4. Searches with 'and.' If you type in library and filter, the same results as in No. 3 will appear. But if you search for library filter and legislation, results will include articles containing both “library filter” as a phrase and “legislation” as a word within the same article.
  5. Searches with 'or.' Type in library filter or legislation and results will include all articles containing either “library filter” or “legislation.”
  6. Matched terms appear in color within articles.

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